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Fiverr openly addresses buyers about reviews


Official blog post:


Notice that it’s the first time ever that they “announce” the hidden review system.


Wait, this was hidden? I feel like a regular James Bond super spy now; I’ve known this since I found this top-secret document on my first week here:


in the post, what does ‘In fact, you cannot complete an order without leaving your feedback.’ even mean?
plenty of orders get completed without feedback being left. or are they just referring to the private feedback?


I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile:
Unfortunately it wasn’t a really informative article


The usual crap from the talentless hacks at the Fiverr blog, then? Ah yes, “Fiverr Team” wrote it. That means nobody wants to take credit for this steamer.

Once an order in the Fiverr Marketplace is marked as ‘delivered’ or ‘complete’, you can provide your feedback to the seller for up to 30 days after the last delivery of that order. In fact, you cannot complete an order without leaving your feedback.

That’s about as clear as mud.


By now you should know that a buyer who marks his order complete MUST leave a feedback. However, if you don’t mark it complete, it auto-completes in 3 days, and you can still leave a review over 30 days. Isn’t that much clear from the post?


Note that the terrible article doesn’t include that snippet of useful information about auto-completion, instead pushing the line that orders won’t complete without feedback. Now, there are two issues here (theoretical, as who reads the blog anyway?)

  • a buyer may assume that they have up to 30 days to “complete” the order. Cue angry fireworks when Fiverr automatically closes it for them, and CS shrugs and points out the TOS. “But I read it in the blog!”
  • The writing contradicts itself. First sentence: you can leave feedback after completion. Second sentence. You can’t complete without feedback–implying that it comes before completion

Why yes, I am nitpicking. But that’s what buyers do, too… :wink: This article is still garbage filler.


If I accept an order, the review is optional; however the feedback is mandatory for it to close out at my end as the buyer.


  1. I accept order, skip review, do private feedback, go back to order page, the green “Accept” icon is grayed out. I am done.

  2. I accept order, skip review, skip private feedback, go back to order page, the green “Accept” icon is still green. It’s as if I never accepted it.

In that case, it will automatically complete in 3 days; since the system will NOT recognize it as me having accepted it.

Hopefully, this answers your question. :grinning::grinning:


From the bottom of the article:

David Bechor is a freelance writer and professional blogger, specializing in content marketing. He has produced content for various brands across the web – primarily in the startup and tech spaces – and is a regular contributor to the Fiverr blog. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


Oh, alright then, I just stopped when I saw Fiverr Team as I wanted to rant. Now you’ve ruined it! sulk


Good ranters don’t stop just because a mistake is made - you need to be more committed and double down on your efforts when this happens. Try calling me little along with some other condescension, it will get the readers on your side immediately.


Won’t work . . . Maybe, like one or two, but generally, even if you refuse to admit it, people like you. :grin::grin::grin:


Typical mod behavior. Think you own the forum and all. You’re nothing but a jumped-up little jobsworth and you’re not even paid!

Happy now?


Excellent, I even had to Google “jobsworth” which is the pinnacle of insulting someone.

@gina_riley2 Oh You :blush:


Does this fine insult not exist on the Emerald Isle? It’s flung about with petty venom at anyone working who has annoyed you where I come from.


It sounds like something I would have heard on Yes, Minister or similar English comedies but in Ireland we tend to lean towards insults with an expletive laden full on Malcolm Tucker style attack or a cutting and bitter Dara O Brien mutter behind the back. We rarely describe people in dictionary terms; we find calling people “stupid” when they are actually stupid a bit trite and prefer to dress it up a little, preferably so they cannot understand it but those around can.


‘by now you should know’… thanks for assuming my idiocy. nothing was ‘much clear’ from the post, as emmaki has made very clear.

and thank you @gina_riley2 for the insight!


you cannot complete an order without leaving your feedback.

That sounds like a seller doesn’t get paid until the order is reviewed, so it gets completed and the 14 day clearing time starts :sweat_smile:


Never intended to relay any meaning remotely close to that. I had read and interpreted it based on what I already know (which I believe every Fiverr seller does know), not based on the direct meaning of the words. I also assumed your question odd because of that. Anyway, emmaki’s reply was explanatory enough, and I’ll apologize for any insult (which was highly unintended) you might have felt from my reply.