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Fiverr operators: What is your strategic VISION?


I need to rant. I need someone to hear my story.

This recent buyer of mine pays me $5 to do some copywriting for his business. I go through the process and deliver what my description expresses to the best of my ability.

He then demands that I do cold calling and outreach. Something I don’t do for $4.

Without any other response he gives me a poor 1star review. Just like that my reputation is permanently tarnished.

I do some research on his business. His entire marketing strategy is to buy fake reviews for his business. I don’t even know if his business or identity is actually real. Everything I could find is so obviously fake and rigged.

Why sell your authentic identity for some backlinks? Why risk your reputation for fake reviews? Why are sellers like me who sell actual business advice pushed aside to make way for spammers?

I have a performance review coming up where the fiverr operators may decide to demote me to a level 1 seller or delete my account entirely… why? Does a $5 with one star make me a bad seller even if I can sell +$200 orders with happy clients? The review system needs a weighting dynamic or something. Good sellers deserve better.

Perhaps the fiverr team should think clearly about what their brand represents. Is this platform meant for cheap links and fake smiles? Fiverr should be the global marketplace for services. They should be disrupting the way we work online.

I was telling my family and friends about Fiverr at thanksgiving. They seemed to associate this platform as the place to buy fake followers and likes. It’s funny because there are very real people exchanging services on this market. My mission is to sell authentic market research and strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs.

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners improve their strategy. Many orders as low as $5.

Here’s some FREE strategic advice:


I’m sorry but here’s the deal: If you have thousands of “followers” and only 2 of them like or leave a comment then I instantly know what you’re about. You may only fool the fools, intelligent people will see right through the BS.

Perhaps a new business could create value by identifying brands that are fake. Perhaps that detection is a service that you should be buying and selling. Perhaps we will choose justice over deception.

It’s ironic because a person who owns an entire brand dirtied by fake reviews now gives me a “real” review despite the fact I tried to help him build a real business for just $5. Now I may be eliminated from this market because of that one dude and others like him.

REPUTATION is everything.

At the end of the day I’m hurt because the buyer had more leverage than me. I’m writing this to make myself feel better. Thank you for reading.


You are at 4.9 mostly due to several one or two star reviews. This recent one just says you didn’t finish the job. I don’t think it’s the end for you by any stretch of the imagination.

Fiverr is eliminating gigs that deliver fake followers and likes.


I totally understand you, but my advice to you is keep doing what you are best at and move on. Unfortunately, some people will do whatever it takes to boost their business, even if they have to hire people to write a fake review. I don’t think you should close your account, or that one star makes you a bad seller. Sometimes people are fully satisfied but weird about giving people what they honestly deserve.
Stay authentic, and do your best, this is all you can do.
All the best :blush: