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Fiverr or PayPal fees

New to Fiverr: As a seller of the gig after successful order completion I get $4 ($5 for gig - $1 Fiverr fees) is this right ? Is there any fees from PayPal in this transaction or Fiverr takes care of that fees from $1 commission? Where this $4 sits and how can I get it in my account? Will there be any charges from Fiverr or PayPal on withdrawal of this money?


Fiverr takes 20% and holds the Funds for up to 17 days.

PayPal takes a percent, depending on amount you withdraw.

To add to @voiceoverwork’s post, Paypal takes a fee of 2% of the amount transferred, maxing out at $1.00, so to minimize that impact you should wait until you have more than $50 to transfer.