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Hello! If my order cancellation by mutual agreement and now its shows order conpletion was 75% with red line… does it effect i our profile? And can i recover back to 100%? With green line?

Please anyone have answer, i am very helpful.


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Always know that a mutual cancellation is always better than a bad review. Your cancellation rate doesn’t affect you as much as your response rate, on-time delivery rate and your positive rating would do. However, having all your ratings in green is excellent and it can provide the chances for more jobs.

So, never mind the 75% rating,keep working to satisfy your buyers and gradually everything will build back to 100%. I wish you good luck.


@fynwriter thank you very much for your response and answer. I really appreciate it. Thanks! Now i am relaxed😊

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You are welcome. I am happy that you are relaxed now.

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