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Fiverr Order completed but not buyer not accepting or replying

Hello, I got an order on 4 days ago. The service was very clear clients wanted a pop-up form and MailChimp automation. I did according to his requirements. After completing the task, I delivered. He requested to modify that, I have to create a form contact us page. I then asked and sent him to screenshot your it was not your requirement, then he did not hear my words. However, I understood his intention was not good at all. However, I did contact us page form, then he asked me to brush up contact form color, background, I did what he said. Suddenly he said MailChimp is not working etc, But I tested, even I sent him a screenshot. Then he did not say anything, Now he is not accepting my delivery and also not replying my messages. I am thinking as his intention is not good, maybe can do something wrong with the order or cancel, which will hamper my order. What to do?

Contact the Fiverr support on order there is button Resolution center, send them screenshoots and everything. They will try to help you out. But yes, if you cancel then you will loose rating.

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If you think you completed everything then just send delivery through “delivery” button with all proofs of your delivery and preferably a video if you can still make it that everything is working and if client wouldn’t reply then your order will be marked as a complete in 3 days.

Somewhere on the forum I was even writing a proper response that you should send so if you are curious you can look up for it on the forum


Thanks a lot. I delivered the project. 1 day already gone. When i did all thing things properly and also his extra demand but not accepting or replying willingly though on online, feels very frustrated.

If you have done the order completely and delivered it and the buyer isn’t responding then wait for him to respond or let the order complete automatically. Takes three days. Make sure to ask him if you can do anything else for him. The key is to make him happy and satisfied until he leaves you a good feedback.

Sometimes we have to go extra mile to keep the buyer happy we don’t have a choice.

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Then I already answered on your question. If he wouldn’t reply anything the order will be autocompleted in 3 days. Did you read that part?

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He did not accept it.again sent me for revision, while i did what he asked. Again asked more things to do. What to do?

Are you offering unlimited revisions? If so then you have no choice but try to fix it

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There i did not provide any revision.

Becuase there no need to provide any revision. Buyer feel happy at one time. But he is asking more , than he asked.

provided already 3 time revision , as I want to see him happy. But he is fishy. Even he deletd some of the work, willingly again and again.

Wait and see more 1 day and contact customer care