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Fiverr Order Completion Issues

Hi everyone,

I have delivered my order one day prior to the deadline. The ‘order page’ indicates that my order is delivered and I also sent a message to the buyer informing that and the buyer conveyed her thanks etc.

However, when I go again to the inbox to see the messages of the buyer, there it indicates that my order delivery is late in 16 hours etc.

Can someone please explain this because I have already delivered the order one day before to the deadline? Is this because the buyer didn’t provide a review of my work?

Please help me.

Thank you.


Did you use the Deliver function (as opposed to popping it in the Chat box)? If not, scoot back and use the official Delivery method or you will lose.


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I have also the same issue happened in my last order . Didn’t get any review for the order and client said already left the 5 star review .

Yes, I went to ‘Order’ section and delivered the documents.

Oh, I wonder what has happened because reviews are important to us. Let’s hope this will not happen again in future.

Yes, reviews are important but it’s also important to keep online and read the blog and forum regularly and make the relation with the community

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Ya. Minu. Actually the order payment is too low and I’m accepting the order only for the reviews. but unfortunately the section failed. Lets hope the error wont happen in future.

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Yes, I agree with that :slight_smile:

Yes, let’s hope for the best and all the best with your work!

Thank you for replying everyone :slight_smile: