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Fiverr order not completed after 3 days (Awaiting feedback from the buyer)


Hi guys,

I am having an issue with an order. I have delivered the work, but the buyer is no longer responding
The order is marked as “Awaiting feedback from the buyer” and has not completed after a couple weeks with several attempts to re-deliver the order and contact the buyer

Let me know if anyone knows how to best solve this


Each time you re-deliver the order gets ‘uncompleted’ - it’ll only complete after you deliver and let it autocomplete after 3 days or when the buyer accepts the delivery.

No need to contact the buyer after delivery, if they need modifications it’s up to them to ask you.

The buyer may not give feedback at all, they don’t have to.


It has been a few weeks - 3 days have passed multiple times

I suppose the buyer needs to manually accept the delivery for it to be completed

Any chance Fiverr can help sort this? They must have the users email to reach out?


If you keep using the deliver button the 3 days resets itself every time, so if you’ve redelivered multiple times, the 3 days will reset multiple times.

No - it should complete 3 days after the last time you hit the deliver button.

If it hasn’t done that, then you’ll need to contact CS: