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Fiverr Order Stuck in 'In Progress'

Hi, so I delivered an order today and the status is still stuck 'In Progress." I confirmed with the seller that she hasn’t been able to mark it as complete though she is satisfied with it and would like to close it. I tried re-delivering it as well to see if that would kick the status but it still says ‘In Progress.’

Anyone have any ideas?

weird have you contacted support team i just delivered and hour ago everything was fine

It must be part of the bug where things on orders or the inbox disappear. I have had messages I sent on order pages disappear.
Keep trying and eventually it might go through.

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Yeah submitting a ticket now. What’s even weirder is I delivered another one to another client 10 minutes after that and that went to ‘Delivered’ perfectly.

Yup. It comes and goes.

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