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Fiverr orders (why i have no any orders on fiverr)

Hi , i join fiverr about 15 days and now i create 9 gigs but i have no orders why i not have any orders and i updated my gig daily but no reason why i have no any orders on fiverr…!!! help me i wana orders on fiverr

Here is my account on fiverr :

Reply to @fayestap: You’re welcome! People like these need to be hit with the ban hammer really hard:)

What’s worst is that I think I saw more of her videos/images from her gigs somewhere else. Let’s all hope for a well-deserved ban! And I get a cookie for busting him/her, haha! :)))

cheezees said: BUSTED!!!


wow! are you using another seller’s video?

Reply to @cristinaghy:

She sure is! Thanks for letting me know!


Maybe you came on the forum to get caught. Well, congratulations! You did. =D> =D> :D/ :D/ So, I hope that after you are forced to remove the video, your account is banned like the rest of the fools who cannot play by the simple rules.

I wish you NO SUCCESS here on Fiverr. It’s time for you to GO AWAY now! :!!