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Fiverr outsourcing?


Someone sent me a message asking me to make illustrations and that the money will be paid at the end of each month. He also stated that they will be sold on a premium fiverr acount and that they have spoken with fiverr to send 50% profit from each sale on that account.
Has anyone encountered this earlier?


sounds scammy, hope someone else will chime in.


Yeah, I hope it’s not a scam.


That’s not how Fiverr works. They place the order, you deliver, and get your funds 14 days after it was marked as complete.

I suggest contacting Customer Support with screenshots of the conversation, and asking them if it’s legit. I doubt that it is, though.


Sure, Thank you. :slight_smile: Will do that at once.


This is absolutely a scam.
Report it to customer service immediately.


Have you encountered something like this?


No I havent but Fiverr don’t operate like that.
If anyone ever asks you to do something that is not the normal way on Fiverr then you should immediately contact Customer Support. They will tell you if it is legitimate.


I have sent a message to customer support and declined the offer but he says he’ll complain and get my account shut down.


Have you been polite and professional when declining the offer?

Threatening is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, so make a screenshot of it, and, if needed, add it to the ticket you’ve already sent.


Yes. Sure. Thank you.


Just ignore them now and leave it to customer support.