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Fiverr Overall Traffic Decrease

I know over the years this topic has come up. The only reason I find it odd is that my impressions went from almost nothing to around 40 or 50 per day back to about nothing. All this while my profile is regularly ranked on the first or second page. Statistically speaking, even if people ended up not liking my gig, there should be a steady stream of those viewing my gig just by the fact that it is one of the first ones that pops up. It just seems odd too that I can go from 50 views a day, change absolutely nothing, and it drops to 4 or 5. Then may randomly shoot up for a few days. If this is something Fiverr is controlling in the background I don’t have an issue, but would just like to know so I do not count on it if there are things beyond my control. When I am getting the impressions, I get jobs coming in regularly. So are people just not visiting Fiverr as much or is there something else going on?

What is your experience?


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Hi,mine 2 impression,view and clicks also going down.

yes mine clicks, sale and impression are down in these days.
traffic on fiver

I’m not sure about this one. For example, if I check the voice over category then I don’t see your gig on the first 5 pages. (I didn’t bother to check further)
Instead I found a lot of VO artists that I’ve viewed or hired before. So personally I think being on the first page depends on the viewer.

I’m in a different category, but when my gig was featured a while back, it received over 2K impressions per day. If you see only 40 impressions per day, then I doubt it’s on the first page for most users. That’s the amount I see right now and I’m not even in top 20 for my category.

I don’t know why your impressions change so much, but I’m not sure that your first page for a specific category looks exactly the same as for me or other users.

Sorry I misspoke on the category. So Gig views is what fluctuated from 45 to 4 and back. The Impressions have fluctuated from around 1200-1300 down to around 160. So same proportional decrease. I just am puzzled how it changes within 1 week that much. Interesting that you say you do not find my gig when you search. I check it by searching ‘voice over’ as that is the key word I am focused on. So right now when I search that I am on the 6th row 4th spot. With no other filters and over 5700 other gigs it seems like it should return more. But that is what I wonder if there are filters that causes one user searching ‘voice over’ to get different result than another. Crazy, thanks for your feedback.


I only searched for “voice over” and you’re not on the first page (showing 5764 gigs so that’s almost a match).
I’m thinking they are showing custom results to some extent

I tried looking it up on another computer, that I have never signed into my fiverr account, so not even cache trail. There is showed up on the second page.

I’m sure if I keep looking at your gigs or even purchase from you I will start seeing your gig higher up.
It would make perfect sense. If I’ve bought from you then of course it’s easier for Fiverr to sell me the same gig again.

That is a good point. That would be a good way to market. So I guess the search I do might not give me honest results as far as the page it is showing up on. I guess I need to go only off the statistics page when measuring “rank”.

Thanks again for your insight.

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fiverr traffic massive drop this mounth and days around : — i take this for that stats from alexa member insight as more relevant and accurate traffic signals . if fiverr is aware of the massif traffic drop ? - well yes . please check new policy update about taking external traffic also this month they are introducing sharing gig on social banner on new published gigs . hope this help

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Last 3 month Impression 480K+ . March,April and May is the best 3 month since I joined fiverr Capture

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My impression also went down, I thought because I lost my level 1 that’s why my impression had gone down drastically although I know the demotion has played a crucial part in my lmpression drastic change… Infant I hardly see buyers request nowadays.