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Fiverr overwrite client review

A few days back I completed an order on Fiverr and the client gave me 3.3-star rating
And I see he gave me a review as well but today I see that he gave me a different review on that order and Fiverr overweight that review with the old one
How is that possible in such big platform

Kindly guide me in this I checked several times and also record a video in it as well
Best regards

I think you need to ask CS here.

I get the feeling that there is more here than presented.


Okay, will do that as well and need to understand what’s going on, how is that possible like this thing
Yes there is a history in that order as well and share as well if you think that’s need to know but I think that’s not the point, point is why Fiverr change the review for that order
Is that the best thing for Seller even Fiverr has a very strict rule on Reviews as well

Again, we don’t know here in the forum. We are mostly sellers just like you and have no access to anything that (in this case) you tell us.

You have to ask CS.

I will be interested to know how/why this review changed as this is a conversation that appears on differing forms and we wonder what is and is not doable/allowable.

Sadly I suspect the answer from CS will be obscure but it is worth asking.