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Fiverr owes me money but no way to collect

why is it so complicated to reach people at Fiverr

I was shorted on a gig but find it impossible to get my money back

can someone provide help !!!

this site was such a huge mistake !!!

I was refunded on job 1347274 but short changed for jobs 643698 and 1380648…I know its not a lot of money NOW ITS ABOUT PRINCIPLE !!!and getting rurally upset that I have to jump through so many hoops to contact a human being…why so difficult ???

How were you shorted? If you purchased a gig and never got it, all you have to do is not to accept delivery of the gig. The ‘Resolution Center’ is at the top of your order page. You simply click it and reject the delivery.

Aside from writing that, I just want to say that writing your complaint here does absolutely no good.

We are just members like you. We are not Fiverr. So posting this stuff on the forum will not help your situation.

Good luck.

If these orders were not delivered. You should be getting back all your money.

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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You can contact fiverr support at and tell them the issue you are facing and they will find out a solution