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Fiverr: Page Not Found!

When I click on Star in order page, it’s leading to Fiverr: Page Not Found!

Anyone facing this?

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Clear you cache, or try another browser. It is your issue, not Fiverr’s.


Try it yourself and you’ll know. Meanwhile I’ve reported this to Fiverr and they’ve created a technical ticket.

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Everu time, I have cleaned out my cache in the past it has fixed the problem.

Besides that, I am not experiencing the problem now, because I keep my cache clean and always use Chrome. :wink:


I do the same too. I posted this here after trying all the ways I know.
Incognito mode, clearing cache & cookies, trying multiple browsers… No change! :roll_eyes:
Maybe this is an isolated issue. Waiting for the update from Fiverr Tech team.

No issue with Starring an order from Manage Sales page!

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I have a Manage Sales page, but no Star or Starring or Start or Starting page? :thinking:


Well, quite weird then. Else, you’re not paying close attention! :no_mouth:

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Yes, After Clearing cache and cookies, Same problem here.


Got an update from CS:

On my Manage Sales Page I see the word “Starred” but I have never starred any orders. Interesting.

Hello, I’m have been trying to search for my gig over some weeks now but I when ever I search it to page 21 is keep telling me that page not found, I don’t know what the site has turn to. Please rectify this problem as soon as possible

Hello, Chuck,

No one here can help you with this problem. We are all buyers and sellers. We are not Customer Service.

You may find this post interesting. It seems that everyone sees their gigs and others’ gigs in different places.

I faced a similar kind of issue with my best selling gig few months ago! My gig was not appearing anywhere on search result pages. Tried from different devices, browsers; tried every way I know. No luck. Contacting CS, they assured that they were able to find my gig while searching! But I had no orders from new buyers apart from regular clients. And I knew something’s not right.

So I completely reworked on updating the gig description, keywords and images. After waiting for a week my gig started appearing in search results and I got new clients. Maybe you can try that too.

i had tried on different browers but the results are still same. it is not working