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Fiverr paid gig Promotion Ads - New Gig Analytics Coming Soon!

Hello everyone,
We all have seen that Fiverr gig Analytics page is out of order for some time. Guess what? Fiverr is coming up with something different!
A friend of mine is TRS and he just shared a piece of exciting news. Fiverr is going to launch a new Promote Gigs feature. This will allow you to pay Fiverr and your gig will be shown as an Ad and will get more exposure!
Screenshot of new gig analytics dashboard is attached

You will be paying on per click basis. The more you pay, the more clicks your promoted gig will achieve!

Let’s discuss its Pros and Cons.
In my opinion, this will help only sellers who can now invest on gigs promotion. So it will be a challenge for the newbies to appear in the search results now.

The more you pay to Fiverr, the more you will earn from Fiverr.

What are you thoughts? Share it below

PS: ** The Promoted Gigs feature is currently in Beta and available to a limited number of sellers.**


They just screwed the essence of the site as is. Corporate greed at its best. We want to make a living here. We’re not here to pay for our workplace, or to promote the Gigs. Typical idiots who believe that ads will work. It won’t. Ads doesn’t generate that many sales that would justify its existence. Take a look at Amazon ads where Ads usually have an ACOS of 800-1000% per sales, which means you pay $10 for every $0.8-$1 sale.

P.S.: The limited number of members can keep this feature, but I don’t want it, thank you very much.


I find it highly disturbing. Customer satisfaction will be even lower than now. Customers will get the sponsored gigs without paying attention if the seller is good or not and after will not be satisfied and leave Fiverr forever.


Yeah, we discussed that in April already:

I guess it’s no wonder that the Analytics fixing takes so long, as this needs to be integrated.


I don’t really liked it. It’s like investing your money for no good reasons, and Fiverr already charging a good percentage from every order, so there’s no point of doing it, and The new sellers will not get interested and they have to face a lot of challenges, not just only that If someone had more bad reviews or new seller or have bad ranking though they can get more views and clicks, just paying extra money. I really dont found it helpful.


Agree with you. 20% from every order and then from the remaining 80% invest again to get more orders. :expressionless: I guess, majority of the sellers won’t like it!


I don’t think, they would fix the previous version. They just want to use this new gig promotion feature.


I don’t mind re-investing money personally, so long as it results in an increase in business, and us landing orders that I wouldn’t have got without the advertising. If I have to put 10% of my income back into marketing, but see a significant enough growth in the volume of orders I get in return, it’s worth it. That’s smart business.

Plus, keep in mind that once you’ve acquired a new customer, hopefully they’ll come back to you in the future, directly via your account, so you’d only have to ‘pay’ once to get a potentially long-term customer.

Also… controversial opinion but… those sellers who have terrible gigs will likely burn money trying to ‘rank’ their gigs, then give up, while those sellers with quality gigs will gain even more traction on the platform. I don’t see this as a bad thing, as it should encourage everyone to step their game up.


Thats a great decision by fiverr in this way we will get regular orders :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That’s what you believe. Whoever used ads knows that ads doesn’t guarantee sales at all. And in the majority of the cases it doesn’t. Please don’t be naive. Many sellers had regular orders day by day without it. We won’t pay for it now.


This will good news for who already making more money in fiverr. But this is not helpful for new sellers. I think this is not fair. so, If this happens, it will too hard to coming new seller gigs in 1st page.
Also, Fiverr gig ranking algorithm will down. :thinking: :thinking:


But the main issue is that the one who wants to be on page 1 had to bid highest among all bidders eg if you bid 50$ for one day and almost 24 sellers bid more than 50$ that day then your gig will be on page 2 even after paying 50$ that sucks

I hope fiverr will find some good solution​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Anticipation is better than reality :smiley:

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That’s the dark side of this new system. However, it’s will be win-win situation for Fiverr

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Apparently, it appears like that. People who are making good revenue from Fiverr will make more by re-investing on marketing. Let’s see how it foes when it is rolled to all sellers

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Kindly let me know is this confirm news of promoted gig feature bcz there are forums of 2017 also discussing the same thing


Yep. You are correct. Let’s see


This is the latest update!

My gig page is still old :unamused:

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In my opinion, this is just another different way to Fiverr earn money besides the commission that sellers already pay. I’ve worked with a very similar system once at other different area and I didn’t find it quite effective. My sales went down and I was only selling when I was paying to advertise. Of course that each platform is diferrent and the one that I’ve tried is nothing related to this. I will wait to see what happens.