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Fiverr paid gig promotions

So a few days ago I got a notification that i can promote my gigs, and so i did. I set a bid of 25cents per click, and in the past few days i got 4 orders and it said that only 2 of them were from the promoted gigs, and that really confused me, what is the difference between a promoted gig and a normal gig, is there a different section for buyers, which contain only promoted gigs?


This is interesting. I would also want to know the answer to this. Like if the gig (when promoted) has a certain badge (e.g. AD) like other sites or is the gig just ranked higher or something…

I have been using this feature from December. It’s a great help from Fiverr to get more orders. I spent $8.44 and got $540(20 orders).


have you tried looking at your gig through search? What does a promoted gig look like?Does it show like the regular gigs or does it have a label like “Ad”…

Showing ‘AD’ in that

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thanks for answering my question! I’ve heard a lot of people getting good returns from promoted gigs.

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this paid promotion is only for some selected seller which fiverr choses.

about a month ago, fiverr give me opportunity to promote my gigs but a week ago they disable it. why?