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and from where to find the referral link?

You can signup from my link :slight_smile:)
I am about to withdraw more than 150$

If one of your friends/siblings has withdraw more than 100$ then sign-up from his/her referral link…you both will get 25$.

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where do you guys promote your gigs other then fb and twitter?

Alright I am gonna do that when i will withdraw Thankyou for your help

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Even I left to sign-in Fiverr after creating account…I received the notifications that my account would remove if i did not log-in…
Then I received a notification an order…replied after 7 days…the kind buyer waited me for 7 days…and since i have made more than 150$ within 2 months.
I get orders by luck…never promoted.

Hay Folks,

Let me share my experience of using Bank withdrawal option. First of all I want to let you know that I was using Card option from last three years did lots of transaction using Payoneer Card. Everything works great tried mostly so many banks like (MCB,Standard charted and Bank Al Falah) in some situations all of them were great but then realized I am using an expensive way to widrawal my funds. 60% percent users in Pakistan are using bank withdrawal option as compared to Card .

1 : GOOD Exchange Rate (Current 102.78PKR/ 1 USD)
2 : If you perform transaction using business days it takes some hours to reach at your bank (wow boom)
3: No need to go atm and using cards so many times in order to withdraw large amount.

Note : I just tested with HBL account its works very very fine and I am amazed by the service. I just used 2 time .

Hope thats helps you . Bank attachment can be done in 1 day then you all are good to go !

Kind Regards


Thankyou so much :slight_smile:

@nidart you welcome …

Hey there, facing an issue these days. My payoneer account got blocked due to undisclosed reasons and I can’t use my card or account anymore. Now my question is, can I use bank transfer via payoneer by creating a new local bank withdrawal account? And is there any limit on transactions using bank transfer?

Very crearive suggestion for your own refrer link.:smile:

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@pintoo0 many thanks to share your experience about payment withdraw.

But I have attached Payoneer card with fiverr…can I set up bank account now?

Where is my referral link??? Read carefully before laughing !!!

You welcome … :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can attach your local bank account using Payoneer account. Go to payoneer account check it out if you have bank withrawal option then add a local bank account. In a 2 business day they will confirm your Local Bank account then you are good to go and can withdraw amount easily as I did .

Right…I tried to attach Payoneer with MCB but could not approve for submission…I will change the bank account… Thank you so much.

@pintoo0 it means we can add our local bank account on fiverr? for example if i have account in BAHL then i can withdraw money to this account? :slight_smile:

@creativearies your suggestion of using siblings referrel lin is best :smiley:

I think you may not put right details . HBL is recommended . I am also HBL user I tried from yesterday and get two transaction .

First I test 100$ and I was given 102.71 PKR / 1 usd

I just send request withing 3 to 4 hours I got the funds in my HBL Account.

Second I tried today at 6:28Am of 1000$ and I was given 102.79PKR/1USD which is way more better than funds withdrawal from card.

I hope now you understand better . For attachment of bank account . You need your own account on your own name at which you own your payoneer account . Second Bank IBAN number and second swift code of your branch thats it …

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