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@pintoo0 kindly help me on this i use my payoneer card to withdraw .can i attach my brother bank account on my payoneer card.

Yes as I explain in my messages. First you need to attach your account as payoneer support almost all bank but for HBL I can confirm . You need to add bank account IBAN . its bank account number with some branch code you can search on it on google plus also verify from your branch at where your account is opened. Then attach your account if everything great then payoneer will inform you then your account is attach then try to do transaction on business days like from monday to thursday ! …


Your should have your own bank account at your own name .

Payoneer said it should be on your own name if it is another person name then they may required further documents from you so instead of this open a account at bank as student or current account then use that account .

Note : Make sure account is owned on that name at which your payoneer account is opened For example . Your name is Sonya so your bank account is also own by you as I stated above :slight_smile:


Very useful information.
Again Thanks.

Well if you transfer over 1000$ it’ll take more than a day. Tried it on Alfalah as well as Allied bank.

@creativearies hey you said signup from my link.
I said very creative suggestion. Why are u angry .im a positive person dnt get me wrong . On this

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Thanks a lot @pintoo0 so nice of you.

I just did today of 1000$ and I got my funds withing 3 hours ! No delay . As per my study , If you request payoneer on non business days like on weekend then it takes time to load funds . So follow the timing given by the support staff of payoneer . You may notice sometime you could not able to do chat support because of timing of EST so follow those timing then perform transaction . Like, I still have 14000$ in my payoneer but I will not do transaction right now because of weekend I will do at monday hopefully not our monday I will do on MONDAY according to EST time .

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@sonyak95 ! You always welcome !

I also suggested it as a joke…then I advised her to contact her friend/sibling etc. :slight_smile:

  • 1400$ not 14000$ that was typo mistake @codecture
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Yes thats why i laugh. And said very creative suggestion .idnt understand why you react like this.

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I’m a Level 1 seller from Pakistan. I wonder if you could render me some help about latest knowledge of withdrawing income to direct bank account option offered by Fiverr through payonoeer.

I spoke with Paynoeer Customer Center about this. They said, that Fiverr is now their partner and withdrawing funds from Fiverr to Payoneer will cost $1. Thereafter, from paynoeer to local bank account will cost additional 2%.

Two Questions:

  1. Do you have any experience about how much further deductions happen within Pakistan on these amounts?
  2. Which bank should I use for minimum deductions?

Thanks a lot,
Kind Regards,

can Some one plz tell me how to open an account in HBL because I am a student and they ask for your source of income when you go to open your bank account they will not consider freelancing as a source of income.

I am using payoneer first time with fiverr :slight_smile:

@jus_designz, it is very simple, just ask them to open your account, on your student card :slight_smile: … I have opened my account in BAHL, by telling them my source of income i.e. freelancing :slight_smile:


I gonna face same problem.

Thank you for helping me. Also, tell me which account type you prefer me to open eg. current, saving, us etc

Current account is better :slight_smile:


Hi Rafia92,
Yes you can withdraw to your local bank account. I have done that.
Here is the process I used to withdraw to my local bank account.

  1. I transferred my cleared funds from my fiverr account to my payoneer account.
  2. And then I logged in to my payoneer account. In payoneer there is an option “withdraw to local bank account” I clicked on that and added my bank account details. and then the withdraw initiated and after 3 days when I went to my local bank account and when I checked the funds were already transferred to my local account.

Rafia you can also transfer using the above method. It is always a good idea to transfer to your local bank account rather then using the payoneer master card because that does not always works and gives general processing error most of the times when trying to withdraw from HBL and if you withdraw from askari bank atm then the atm using charges of Rs 500 will be charged.