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This is a post to help people from my country and other spanish speakers how to use fiverr to become successfull. Knowing that speaking english is important to succeed in Fiverr, hispanic users could feel better reading this our native language.


Soy Saurin Galué y trabajo en Fiverr desde hace 3 años.

Este hilo está creado para Venezolanos o Hispanos que quieran desarrollarse en el mundo de Fiverr, donde podremos hacer preguntas y solucionar algún inconveniente que puedan tener durante el uso de la plataforma.

Las soluciones serán basadas en nuestra experiencia como usuarios de Fiverr y cualquier aporte es bienvenido.

A continuación, algunos consejos:

  • Hablar inglés es definitivamente necesario. La plataforma de Fiverr eliminó los distintos idiomas hace algún tiempo, y se ha convertido en necesario el dominio del idioma inglés. Mi recomendación es eliminar las barreras mentales, hacer lo posible por aprender y mejorar el idioma y seguramente tus habilidades de comunicación te ayudarán a conectarte con nuevos clientes.

  • La cortesía es OBLIGATORIA. No existe una mejor carta de presentación, que una respuesta cortés y adecuada para cada cliente, independientemente de la pregunta o respuesta del cliente.

  • Describir de la mejor manera posible tu servicio. Lo mejor para los clientes es que no tengan necesidad de realizar muchas preguntas a la hora de adquirir tus servicios. Mientras mayor información, mejor respuesta del cliente.

Seguramente existan muchos más consejos que pueden darse, así que los invito a todos a participar y hacer suyo una plataforma que puede ayudarnos a lograr nuestra independencia!



I am Saurin Galué and I have been working in Fiverr for 3 years.

This thread is created for Venezuelans or Hispanics who want to develop in the world of Fiverr, where we can ask questions and solve any inconvenience they may have during the use of the platform.

The solutions will be based on our experience as users of Fiverr and any contribution is welcome.

Here are some tips:

  • Speaking English is definitely necessary. The Fiverr platform eliminated the different languages ​​some time ago, and English language proficiency has become necessary. My recommendation is to eliminate mental barriers, do what is possible to learn and improve the language and surely your communication skills will help you connect with new clients.

  • Courtesy is a MUST. There is no better cover letter than a polite and appropriate response for each client, regardless of the customer’s question or answer.

  • Describe your service in the best way possible. The best thing for clients is that they do not need to ask many questions when purchasing your services. The more information, the better the customer’s response.

Surely there are many more tips that can be given, so I invite you all to participate and make yours a platform that can help us achieve our independence!



You can post in English because here in the forum most of user understand English. :slight_smile:

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I created this thread to help some users from my country to start working on Fiverr.
One of my recommendations is to learn to speak english, but as a start, i wanted to help them in a language they could understand with no problem.


It’s ok go ahead :bouquet:

Please post in English so that everyone can be part of the discussion. You can also include a copy from Google Translate.


Thanks for the heads up. I will include it right away!


I am an electronic engineer too, specialized in Networking and VOIP, as I said employers never update the wage to the inflation, and for 150 $ per month ( they said that in BSF it is a lot of money and I have to be graceful… please * ironic*) when I was working in 2005 for Previsora I used to earn (exachange rate parallel dolar) 2200$ per month…

I prefer earn 150$ per month here been a freelancer that be a slave and stressed engineer

I congrats you for your work as voice over

It’s great to meet and share our experiences.
Not easy at first but now i’m having a hot $treak.
This moments changes all the time and we should know how to manage them.


I have the same story. Finding a job at Fiverr (almost three years ago) has been an incredible opportunity to handle the situation in Venezuela, and grow professionally working with so many people around the world. It allows me to help ALL MY FAMILY and that makes me feel calm. Sometimes I feel a bit insecure with the changes on the page and I feel a terrible fear of losing this job.
I’m glad to find more Venezuelans here. When I started on the page there were many Venezuelans, but I have lost sight of them since the Latin version closed. A lot of success for everyone.


great! I´m a graphic designer! :wink:
3 years here!!:smiley:

hey Maburro get out of here xD!!! (Maduro president of course) Lol

Where do you change the paypales? :wink:

a mi me gusta la electronica en especial hacer radios regenerativos con transistores DIY por hobby, he captado emisoras de china, etc, I love the DIY , electronics for regenerative receivers :wink:

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oh yeah 29 milions Bs :wink: (150$ , each dollar = 195.000Bs)
good luck!!

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There are more pages… u p w o r k for example… it is different but you can choose between work per hour or contract… It works for me

I sai the same thing to them… I just quit… and I started to work as freelancer…

"I’m glad to find more Venezuelans here " @majohgonzalez

Sure I feel the same

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Hi! Venezuelan:raising_hand_woman::blush:

Hi!!! :wink::sparkles::hugs:

Hello friend! I like to read experiences of my compatriots by this means, I have been in Fiverr for a while dedicated to SEO writing and graphic design, currently I have a project in progress called Avila Marketing in which I have a team that can attend orders 24 hours a day, the problem is that recently updated Fiverr policies and new vendors have more difficult to sell. I would like that with your experience you can help me, giving me advice on how you managed to increase the amount of traffic in your ads, we want to start selling as soon as possible to be able to migrate before the election joke, a hug.

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Hi Ricardo! It’s great to read you are working on those projects.
There is no magic formula to boost sales on fiverr.
It has ups and downs like every job in the world, but maybe, by improving a few things, you can manage to increase sales and gradually become a “top seller”.
Creating a few especific gigs within your area, marketing in other social networks, doing some SEO research in fiverr to improve your search positions, creating a website that points to your fiverr profile, sending offers in “buyers request” are some of the things I recommend doing here on fiverr.

As you have a team, yo can have an user for every team member so everyone can be a seller of your services.

The other thing is that marketing in only one freelancer market is very risky. Diversifying your income will make it much more stable.

Always give the best answer you can give, and politeness is a must!

One more thing. PATIENCE, PATIENCE and more PATIENCE. You’ll go through a learning curve and discover how your market thinks so you’ll be able to create products that will fulfill their requirements better and better.

Have a great day my friend and I wish you success becoming totally independent.

PS. Elections have been a joke in the last years. Don’t let the preassure of stupid politics and idiot dictators ruin your abilities to make great decisions.


Hello I was happy to find you in the forum, I don’t know that many Venezuelans on fiverr after a over a year in the plataform. I wanted to asked you how do you do to transfer your money I use paypal (with their crazy fees for venezuela ) and Payoneer wich was the best option but still expensive let me know what do you do ?

It’s great to find you here!

Well, I left Venezuela 7 month ago and since then, things have changed a lot in that issue.

I think you’ll have to find somebody who can buy your paypals at a good rate, but paypal’s cut is always going to be important.

Same with Payoneer, but knowing that you must transfer at least 50$ per transaction.

I think it’s no easy way of doing it right now, but I hope you can find something that fits your needs.

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