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I am thinking about doing business on fiverr :-? there are so many competitors here. But meanwhile, there must be our partners. The question is how can we find out each other and cooperate on fiverr?

I am good at design, production and localization of Chinese audio and video, have professional recording studio, and transforming my ability to kinds of gigs one by one. The power of team fiverr is bigger than single fiverr, I need planning, promotion, website partners.

Who is the perfect partner of mine, touch me!

Or your suggestions, touch me!

I am here, on, Always :-"


so guyz what sholud be our first step as partner


Reply to @lemming2030: thats awsm i will be happy to be your partner


I can help with making mobile apps for your customers -


but we need every partner agress with this



This sounds interesting really, good luck to you.


%%- If You Are The One


i am intrested i was also thinking do bussiness here for a long time.


Hi spqrdesign, i am a web developer and interested in partnership :slight_smile:


Sounds like we’re in the same field. Maybe we can help each other in the future. I do voiceovers, video testimonials, web design, graphic design, and other stuff. Check out my profile at Thanks!


hey guyz really we are on a same track i am a web developer and computer and gaming expert check out my profile


The localization cost is the same, but in China the return is the best. Because there are so many people in China with same consumption habits, same market rules, same culture and policy. Let’s do something in this fields.