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Fiverr patnership policy

is anyone have the idea about fiverr patnership policy

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I don’t think Fiverr cares about who you marry.

If you were talking about something else, then please provide more details so we can help you.


dear you just click dashboard and then scroll down and when you see (about ) category and you
see its subcategory the word(patnership) kindly provide an authentic info.about it

No, I will not. This is not the thread for that. Besides, there is already plenty of great advice on the forum. Use the search function to find it.

I cannot provide more “authentic info” than what is already on the site. Partnerships are likely meant for larger companies, so I do not think that you would have to worry about that.

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You do not get to decide who replies and what they reply. This is a public forum.

I will also suggest that you carefully read the rules and guidelines. They can be found here:


Firs of all your first post doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t state any “issue”.
If you need help then you need to be more specific as to what you want and be polite to people who’s trying to help you

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Oh, it’s one of those posts where “kindly” gets used a lot. When telling people to go away.

If you want an advice about your logo gig, you should edit the title and the content of the main post you’ve made to reflect that.


It’s for companies that have something to offer to Fiverr. If you don’t own a company that could partner up with Fiverr and bring them something valuable, it’s not for you.

Calling people you don’t know (and who don’t know you) “dear” is creepy, condescending, and inappropriate in a professional environment.


Sorry for this reply I just want to tell you about how to help in this community

ok I understand I just try to speak friendly at this platform no to hurt anyone