Fiverr pay to play?


Jut as we have talked about how raising your prices chases off the worst buyers, what if fiverr would take a que from almost every good nightclub. Charge a door fee.

Right now it seems that everyday we are flooded with more accounts that are created with the profile mage of a supermodel, and offer all manner of logo creation, proofreading and writing. They almost all go something like “I wills trensale and make good writings to your project.”

Then 2 hours after they create all 15 of their gigs, they post to the forum “I can not mek sells, plz help my gig sells. help me plz.”

What if fiverr simply charged a $100 fee to join first year?

Would maybe cut these accounts down by a huge margin.

Revisions worse that original submission

They should make it $10 and it would still have the same effect.
But the issue is that if they start heading in that direction they’ll end up like PeoplePerHour.


I would hope it would at least do away with the act of creating an account, for free and even if you rip a few people off for $5, it’s all profit. No skin in the game is what makes us vulnerable to looking like a scam site.

They could even make the $100 refundable upon reaching L2, or something like that.


Fiverr has God awful reviews in many places. This being the case, if Fiverr tried to charge me a door fee, I’d do my research and quite possibly steer clear.

The more ‘how do I mek sel’ challenged, on the other hand, have a very strict rule against ever doing research or even engaging in deeper thought than the average garden hose. In this case, they would just sell a kidney or find some other scammery way to make $100 and barge in regardless.

I’m more for if you don’t make a sale in your first thirty days you get a temporary ban or something like that.


It’s better for us good sellers to have this low level of new sellers so look at the bright side.


For buyers or Seller?

New buyers will not give $100 to 5r for the privilege of buying. My first two purchase on 5r was a nightmare; they both failed to deliver.

I thought this was an unprofessional, scam, joke if a site. Only reason I stuck around was because I had credit, which I couldn’t figure out how to get back.

3rd seller provided amazing work – which helped me to change my mind, and the rest is history.


Shall I make a small edit to your suggestion?
I think Fiverr should hold the first $100 of a new seller. They should refund the buyer if there is any fraud.
How about that?


I feel very bad for buyers who have to go through some really awful sellers before they land upon a good one. I don’t know what the answer is.


I’m sure he means an entry fee for sellers, not buyers. I’ve done voice work on other sites that do charge an upfront fee for sellers to post their demos or offers (some large fees, some low fees) in order to weed out the bad sellers who are looking for a quick buck, scammers, people using voice changers to do VO work, ect. The overall number of sellers on those sites is a lot lower, but they have a better reputation.

Fiverr links are marked as spam/malicious on some forums or social sites due to the number of scammers the site attracts. Allowing sellers to raise their base prices has probably done a lot for the overall quality of sellers that come here now, but there’s still that underbelly of “$5 for 3000 words” article writers who offer gibberish in exchange for $4.


Most of the good quality sellers are charging over $5 per work. Usually they charge over $20 per work. Cheap sellers are new and low in quality. Buyers who can understand the relationship between quality and the price always go for higher prices and quality sellers. Who greedy for money will find low quality seller and waste their money for nothing. That’s there fate. What to do.


I totally do not agree for many reasons. Yes there’s a lot of sellers in here who are just looking for easy way to make money & they do create “I can not mek sells, plz help my gig sells. help me plz” posts on forum, but they all fail anyway because they didn’t invest some effort and time & took freelancing serious.

You might be able to pay the $100 at the beginning, but others not. For example, me. As a student who came here to save up for his studies. I cannot afford the $100 at the beginning. It’s like you’re shutting down the doors for young people who might have a dream or they want to work and save up money for something they want to buy.

Look at Upwork right now. Since it’s crowded with too many sellers, they are now taking actions for accounts that do not make any orders in the first 30 days I guess. Not closing it, but making it much harder for them. Fiverr might do so to decrease the amount of “Plz help” sellers coming into the site. But I do not agree with this one either as I think there will be a lot of other serious sellers affected negatively by it.


Yes, free for buyers, but charge for the ability to become a seller and publish gigs.


Yes. That is the model I described in my response.


As I said, try to limit the bad sellers. It does not help the site’s image to have gigs which advertise that Angelina Jolie will “make good writings in your project” for $5.


Following that logic, then everything should be free all the time.

Well I would think that if you are able to afford at the very least a computer, a phone and internet access then $100 to start a business is not out of reach. The conversation turns once again to, not having any skin in the game. At present, I am essentially free to make a fiverr account, deliver trash and rip buyers off. Then if I get banned, I sign up for another free account and do it again.


The main idea that actions should be taken against bad sellers, I totally agree with that. Because after all, they are affecting every seller in the platform.

My main issue is on how we can do that without affecting other new sellers. Again, in your point of view $100 is not that big. But for others? You’re paying $100 and you don’t know if you are going to get any orders or not. Some people will take that risk but some others won’t.

I believe there’s better ways to decrease the amount of sellers who are not taking Fiverr seriously. Because money is not the solution to make FIverr great again.


Do you have analytics or proof of this?

What you’re saying is if a seller charges more, I’m guaranteed to get good quality, unplagerized work. I know for a fact, that is not true.

I’ve had $5 Seller give me better quality than $35 sellers.


Just because some one has electronic devices doesn’t mean they have the funds to spend of this nature. Fiverr is built on the model that everyone deserves a chance to shine and work for themselves. Charging a fee will not make the site a better place for sellers nor buyers.

The whole reason I came here was to get away from the paying and test taking sites that harbored a lot of sketchy site participants. The Fiverr sign-up model is fine as it is.


I agree with that, tired of these new sellers who come to earn money but don’t even know proper English.


Are you sure you are only 15? :astonished: I am not sure I was as astute when I was 15. :thinking: