FiveRR paying on time!


After my angrier post, FiveRR did finally pay me, just a day late. Just remember, if you don’t get paid on time, put like 9,000 support tickets in. (Just kidding) They’ll pay when they damn well feel like it! Take that, little buyers!


No, actually one has nothing to do with the other-- at all. I already "offer excellent service to (my) customers and promoting (my) business. Further, it is presumptuous of you to assign when I may or may not care about fund clearance (essentially my personal finances.) That may be your opinion but that’s all it is.

Hey, we’re both Level 2 sellers…hmmm…


No FIVERR staffs is here?

please give a solution.



No. No “Fiverr staffs” here. It’s a user forum. What kind of solution do you want?

Fiverr always pays within reasonable time. Some folks watch it with a stop watch, others watch it with a calendar. Some don’t care if it’s a few hours “late” or the “next day”.

Once you are rolling and you have orders clearing every day, IMO it really doesn’t matter if an order clears today, tomorrow or the next day, as long at is clears. :slight_smile:


Thanks, kjblynx. I wasn’t attacking you either. Good luck and hang in there.

Everyone, this happened months ago. I got my $4. LOL

I don’t need forum support. I was just gabbin’