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Fiverr Payment issues

I have been trying to buy gigs for over two weeks now. Payment is not going through. I was told by customer service to contact Skrill as it was their issue but they said it’s Fiverr. My bank also said it’s Fiverr. Fiverr are unwilling to help. Not everyone can use paypal. I am trying to use a credit card. I think I’m going to give up and go to another site. I was spending a lot of money with Fiverr but my business has been out of action now due to not being able to buy gigs!!

Customer service with Fiverr is slow and rude!

Skrill still not been made in fiverr. Make payment gateway takes a long time to break down the site.

Mainly because the site is already large, will have little trouble coding websites.

You should use bietcoin

Reply to @nadjask85: Have you tried paying with your credit card by using the “Guest” option on PayPal? That is an alternative to having an account with PayPal itself. Your profile states you’re located in the UK, so it should be an available option for you.

Please also note that the response time for Customer Support requests averages 24-48 hours. If it’s a technical issue, it may take longer. Please be patient.

same here. Fiverr does not want to help at all.