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Fiverr payment pending for clearance

i’m just complete my first order but fiverr keep my payment on pending for clearance so someone can say when my payment comes in my Fiverr account??

Hi, this is something that fiverr do before you can receive your payment. Maybe can be said they do it for quality purposes. You don’t need to worry, if the order is complete, you will have to wait for 2 weeks from the day of completion before you can get your payment.

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Please read the official pages from Fiverr that explain how it works. The forum isn’t a replacement for reading the required documentation. You should never use a service or even sign up for it until you understand the terms, which you agree to when you register.

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you will have your payment cleared in approximately 17 days, sometimes slightly sooner. This is affected by how quickly the buyer accepts your delivery and marks it ‘complete’. If you are a Top-Rated Seller, I believe your profits clear within a week (instead of 2).

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