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Fiverr payment plans

this has probably been suggested a billion times or so but what if we had an option for a payment plan for fiverr lets say i want to buy a gig and i get paid on Wednesday every week and can pay for an item lets say its 180$ i can pay for it every week for 20$ now how would this work well it would work like this i pay the 20$ every week and once the 180$ is paid the gig can be accepted but within the payment plan the creator of the fiverr job can decide if they will do the job or not before the weekly payments begin is this a good idea or not reply below

I didn’t get your question well, but as I understood you are asking about a split payment where you need to pay $20 a week while the project is in progress. If that’s the case you can ask the seller to provide you milestone payment where you can pay as you go.

If this is not what you meant, Please elaborate your question again!

oh ok i didnt know that thanks