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Fiverr payoneer Card

I am New to Payoneer. I have activated and loaded my Payoneer Card from My earnings were 28$. When I go to ATM for transaction then I got "General Processing Error"

Please Guide me what minimum amount I can withdraw first time?

Is there any Charges for Payoneer Card?

My friend tell me that miinimum amount for first time withdrawal is 50$ + additional 25$ for fiverr

Please help me

This would be a question for Payoneer, how much the fees are for the different ways you get your money. There are different fees, it should tell you that inside your Payoneer account, how much the fee is to withdraw at an ATM, plus how much to transfer to your bank account, things like that.

If you search the forums there is another Payoneer discussion happening with someone fro Payoneer.

Here, try here to see if the main person is still talking in the discussion.

when you first time load your card, payoneer deducted activation charges ($5) , then $1 for your balance is $22.withdrawal charges are $3.5 or more, i haven’t withdraw till now so exactly don’t know how much money conversion charges are applied.

Hello All !

designer_17 is mentioned right charges, I’m using payoneer for 6 months now. For first withdrawal, I suggest you to withdraw at least $50

If you withdraw $50:

card activation -$5

immediate load -$3 OR two days load -$1

when you withdraw from ATM -$3.5 per transaction

In this case you’ll get $38.5 OR $40.5 (depending upon your loading option)

From second transaction to onwards there’ll be no card activation charges.

Good Luck!