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Fiverr + Payoneer Money Scam?

I’ve used payoneer to withraw $100+ because it says fiverr and payoneer are partners.
That money is still pending (since august 29) It asked me for bank documents and I provided those but it wasn’t enough. so I switched over to paypal and sent my remaining money there. It was super fast, quick and easy.
It seems like the only way now to get my money is to buy my own house (they need the bills with my own name on it) and get the proof I need.
So yeah, this whole “partnership” thing seems like a scam so can I cancel the withrawal and send the money over to paypal instead?


Open a ticket with their customer support and see if they can help you revert the withdrawal.

But just because you don’t have the necessary documents to verify your Payoneer account, doesn’t mean they or Fiverr are scamming you.

Edit: it seems like your account on Fiverr is inactive? So maybe there’s something else going on on top of what you just said.


Thanks. Yes my account is currently inactive, I’ve stopped my commissions for now because of academics. Scamming might not be the right term but it just seems so wrong how they’re that quick to take my money but not give me that much options to get it to my account.

Please contact Payoneer. Fiverr can’t help you.

Fiverr sent the money where you told it to send it.

They don’t know what your situation with Payoneer is.

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