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Fiverr Payoneer payments

Hello colleagues, I’ve been looking for a clear cut answer about this question and I don’t seem to have success. May I know; If I withdraw from fiverr to my bank account through the help of Payoneer, is the money sent to my online Payoneer account after which I should transfer to my bank account OR will the money simply be flashed from my fiverr account straight to my local bank?


firstly u have to create your payoneer account , add your bank account details there and the next step is:
when u want to withdraw your money, u will click on the the withdraw option on fiverr and an email will be sent to your gmail account. you have to open that g-mail there u will see an option that u want to connect ur fiverr account to ur payonner account then u can choose payoneer account option and connect with ur account. then ur money will automatically be sent to you bank account directly.

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