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Fiverr payoneer services are currently unavailable

I am trying to withdraw my funds but the option is not available. Payoneer services are currently unavailable. Are some experiencing this? :worried: :confused:


Can you provide a screenshot ?

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Important update regarding your Payoneer card

As you may have heard, Wirecard AG unexpectedly filed for insolvency. As a result, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) temporarily froze all card activity. Progress is being made to lift the freeze soon, which will allow you to access the funds on your Payoneer card.

In the meantime, all incoming payments will be loaded onto your Payoneer currency balance where they’ll be safe and accessible. We are taking urgent steps to resolve this situation.

We will keep you updated and appreciate your patience.

Says payoneer’s main page : /

From today Payoneer comes back

Yesterday, I withdraw the fund by payoneer bank transfer. It worked perfectly.

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Dear, you have the option of Bank Transfer. Utilize it now. happy fiverring!

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Just don’t. Please just don’t.


What Ended? Let me please

All the information we have on this is available here: