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Fiverr Payoneer Survey - Did you take it?

So I logged into Fiverr and had the option to take a survey about Payoneer.

Looks like Fiverr finally listened to all the people yelling for an alternative and looks like that just might be what we’re getting! The survey mentioned directly depositing funds from Fiverr to your Bank which would be much better than the transferring funds through Payoneer.

I wholeheartedly wish that we see a new method to transfer funds and if that new method happens to be direct deposits, it would be a dream come true.

So did you take the survey? What were your thoughts? How much do you hate Payoneer?


I love it! I would never use any local bank instead of Payoneer unless I absolutely had to. Of course, there are some flaws, but it’s still the best way to get paid in foreign currency in my country, in my opinion. Especially since the concept of getting paid in foreign currency is still a mystical thing of the future in Serbia. Do we have laws to regulate it, you ask? Yeah, we’ve got some of those. They’re outdated and aren’t being enforced, not to mention that they don’t include freelancing, but we’ve got them.

So please Fiverr, add more options but keep Payoneer :grinning:

Why don’t you like it? Do your local banks charge lower fees?

The support is horrible, it takes forever to transfer, anything goes wrong you can kiss the money good bye - which i’ve had to.

I guess I’m just lucky then because I’ve never had problems. Sorry to hear you did!

The only time I was in contact with support was when they couldn’t verify one of my transactions so they temporarily blocked my card and emailed me to verify all my recent transactions. I wrote back letting them know everything was okay and they immediately unblocked the card.

I’ve heard horror stories about people waiting for two weeks to get their funds returned to them in cases such as the ATM not giving the money or being overcharged in restaurants, but all of them got their money back in the end.

It would be an improvement if they reduced the 2-day waiting period but I don’t expect that to happen. If I don’t need the money immediately I don’t mind waiting.