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Fiverr Payoneer Withdraw problem?



I have activated my Payoneer card,however the status on “Revenues” page is not updating at all.

I have attached the image.

Possible reasons are that i have ordered replacement card,as first one got lost in shipping(never arrived at my home).

I have contacted Payoneer support and they said that everything is fine and that i should be able to use “Fiverr Revenue Card” as withdrawn option. And they also said to contact directly,so i did trough forum.

Can you tell me what to do,or somehow resolve my problem ?

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It is avaliable now :slight_smile: Can moderator close this topic please? Best regards.


please can you tell me how did you solve this problem ?


Give it a while, also make sure you have enough money to withdraw to payoneer. You could also contact fiverr directly regarding this.