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Fiverr - PayPal connection broken?


I just wanted to book someone and Fiverr won’t let me - or PayPal. Not sure.

I went to do the payment and the page sent me to PayPal. I’m trying to login and it say’s “Logging you in” for a while but nothing happens.

When I try ti lo into my PayPal account the regular way, it works without any problems. I also tried not only to lo in via Chrome but also Firefox. Having the same problem with both.

Is there anyone else facing this problem? Can it be fixed? I really need to book this today and PayPal is the only way I can make a payment right now.


If you log a Support ticket you may not be able to get resolution today but you will get help help.


It’s pretty unlikely you will get a reply from CS today, but you can try logging out of Fiverr, clearing your cache and then trying again. Good luck!