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Fiverr + Paypal Dispute, what to do as a honest seller?

Hello Fiverr sellers,

Again the same old story, we provided one of the buyers on fiverr our web design service. He was happy with service and accepted the gig and we got our payments. We successfully published his website live. Now, after all of sudden, something happened, we don’t know. May be that person changed his mind and raised a paypal dispute. Now, our account is showing a negative balance of $-396. Is it worth waiting for this to get resolved? Or close this account and start a new one?

One thing I realized is that, fiverr is not at all good for providing web design services which certainly come with a bigger quotes.

Advise people! Thanks for your precious time.

if your account shows in negative balance you must need to pay this amount to fiverr and when your account balance in $0 or positive balance then you can only close account or create new one or use same account. you need to must be clear outstanding balance with fiverr.
for further clarification you can contact with fiverr support team. Thanks

Why would you close the account? And did you ask Customer Support about this problem? What did they say? Usually they will tell you if it’s a paypal dispute.

But you should contact customer support and be very polite and tell them that you had a client who was happy with the service, please feel free to check all the email correspondance from that client, and that the website I created for them is still live at address and can you please help me understand what has happened and why there is a negative amount in my account. I did not receive any cancelation for this order. Thank you.

And see what kind of response you get back. If there is a dispute, and Fiverr wins it, then they would credit it back to you.

Also, how long ago did you do this gig?

I already contacted customer support. They are saying they are looking into this issue. Now, it has been over a month I am not taking any orders on fiverr. It is hurting my business. So, my question is “How much more I should to wait to get this resolved”

Bear in mind that in the event of Paypal disputes, it’s often due to fraudulent activity on the part of the buyer. If they are using a stolen account, the owner of the account is in their rights to issue a dispute. It’s not ideal for us, certainly, but it’s often not the result of anything that you may have done. Definitely do check in with customer support about this one.

@sincere18 & @reddhorrocks

I have already contacted fiverr support, but they are not giving any time estimation of resolving the issue. Now, I am WordPress theme developer and sell my products on bigger marketplaces like themeforest. So, I am not solely dependent on fiverr anymore but still it is useful for my business.

So, is it worth waiting for this issue to get resolved? Or to close this profile and start over again?

Let me know your expert advises.

Reply to @crelegant: If you have not heard back for a month, I would possibly send another polite note and ask them if they have heard anything about the problem yet?

Reply to @kjblynx: But, what’s the point of waiting when I don’t know when my issue will be resolved?

Reply to @crelegant: The point of waiting is to keep from getting banned from Fiverr entirely, for good.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Why I will get banned? I have provided the service as advertised and the buyer was happy with it.

Reply to @crelegant: because you are closing out a negative balance. And just because the buyer said it was a good job that you did for them, doesn’t mean Fiverr completely believes you were not in on it in some way?

Fiverr needs to make sure it was truly fraudulent activity on the buyers end only. And it doesn’t matter if the buyer said it was a good job, teh buyer is a thief so that doesn’t really mean much of anything the way Fiverr sees it.

@crelegant: What @sincere18 said is probably correct. Also, you can’t close out an account without asking Fiverr to close it for you. If you create a new account while the old one still exists, you are in violation of the Fiverr ToS. You can submit a ticket to Fiverr Customer Support and ask if they will allow you to create a new account and see what they say. If you don’t do that, you are likely to be banned.