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Fiverr-paypal withdrawal not going through


I tried to make my first fiverr withdrawal via paypal. Fiverr sent me an email saying my withdrawal is successful and that it could take up to 3 days for the money to show up in the paypal account.

It’s been 9 hours now and the money is still showing on my fiverr profile and no paypal payment notification yet. Is this normal?


Here is what I just found on my revenue page now. It says withdrawal failed.


You should contact CS with this problem as there is no forum user who can help you with this.


Thanks for your concern. I’ve sent a message to CS and I’m awaiting their response.


That’s happened once or twice to me. A few times it was from not answering their confirmation email in time (sent to email on file with fiverr).

When I contacted CS, they reset my account and I ws able to make the withdrawal with no problems.

Cheers from Cancun!