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Fiverr Pending Clearance Process


I love Fiverr to much <3 For only one reason they are very active and professional.
But I just confused about one process and to much disappointed of this. I like this point “If customers aren’t complete the order, after 3 days automatic complete the order”.

My question is if you you can complete the order only 3days but why don’t you complete our revenue pending clear in 3 day?

14 Day process is to much time. some time we need emergency withdrawal but you can’t.

Can Fiverr working with this process?

Need to know about this.

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Fiverr not Gonna Change this Rule for a single / Smart Seller :slight_smile: For Security Reason i think the Process is Awesome.


Fiverr not Gonna Change this Rule for a single / Smart Seller :moneybag: For ‘Money-making’ reason I think the Process is Awesome.

In the span of 14 days, Fiverr invest your earned money in their system.
Example: If you earn $100, Fiverr will invest that money in stock trading (or whatever investment method they use) after 14 days, your earned $100 will become $150 and what you receive at the end? only $80? :thinking::roll_eyes:


it is really a wrong perspective,how they can use your earning without your consent in trading ?.

They are holding the Earning for 14 Days to Make sure there is no charge back or Fraudulent activity.


I also agree with you. I hope the Fiverr community will change this & I think they will make it 7 days after complete the work.



I understand , But 7 days is a perfect time i think?? Isn’t it?

I haven’t any complain , I just think about more batter service. It’s my opinion.


what process are not working by you