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Fiverr percentage fee for buyer

**Hi mates,
I am a freelancer but now I need a service from other freelacer I am ready to pay for the service of freelancer. I have a question if I buy directly from my fiverr account then fiverr also will take some fee or not? If “yes” then If I buy from my personal bank account , is fiverr will charge me some fee too? **


Yes, they will charge a fee regardless of how you buy. But they won’t charge you the extra dollar if you buy with the money you are already having in your account.

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You will be charged the same no matter if it’s Paypal or your bank account.

If the money is already in your fiverr account then the processing fee will not be charged again if you already paid it for a gig and got a refund.

thank you very much


Do you mean that Mr rankinfinite is not right. he said if I have paypal then they will not charge me by buying from it.

Paypal doesn’t charge you for buying with it.

They charge you a $1 extra if you buy a $5 gig. They won’t charge you that $1 extra if you buy with the money in your Fiverr balance.

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I am talking about the charges of fiverr.