Fiverr Permanently Dative My Level 1 Account. Can I get back this account any How?


Fiverr Permanently Dative My Level 1 Account. Can I get back this account any How?


You need to talk to Customer Services - there is nothing that people on the Forum can do. Find out why they have deleted it and try to rectify. Good luck with it.


Suggest you read the recently updated Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the answer to your question and much more.


It was happened to me once, i was level 2 seller and then due to violation of tos, fiverr demoted my level to 1. And then after 1 month i got my level 2 badge. Don’t worry, just try to maintain fiverr standards and you’ll get your level back :slight_smile:


He said Fiverr disabled not removed his badge


Sorry, this happened to you, but a disabled account cannot be restored even by Fiverr CS.
Only a restricted account can.
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contact to customer support.hope they will help you out or at least give a solution.


I am not a Fiverr employee. I cannot speak for any special circumstance decisions that they might make. You are right, though, if Fiverr disabled or restricted an account, that account is usually done, gone, no longer usable. The only way to discuss the issue further, is to contact CS. They’ll either agree to help you (the person with a disabled account), or they’ll tell you what has already been said here – the the account is gone for good.


It’s not ok to call people who aren’t even participating in this thread to it and ask for help from them! :roll_eyes:


Your account is currently active. Your OP isn’t really easy to read, but I’m guessing you did just lose a level badge like another user suggested. If that is true, then you can get the badge back by keeping your level requirements up.


Am so sorry. I hope my apology has been accepted


Am sorry for that. I hope you will accept my apology


You said that your account was hacked, and now you say that it was permanently deactivated?