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Fiverr permanently disabled my friends account, she has been crying since morning

Hello guys, my friend’s account was disabled today without any previous warning or problems, she only optimized a gig yesterday and changed a photo, she didn’t have any ongoing orders that brought report from her client, she can’t log in to appeal, please what can she do?


I’m not sure there’s much that can be done. She can request further information from the Fiverr team regarding the ban. A violation of intellectual property would suggest that she’s used work belonging to someone else. Maybe in her work examples. An example would be selling a logo design gig and using the work of other artists as your own work samples.


I don’t think she violated anything, we live very close and I know what she does. She has made only two deliveries on this account, both 5 stars and completed over a week ago, the services are mostly research works so it’s not possible to use another person’s property, i think Fiverr usually gives a warning for new sellers but this outright disable is quite abnormal and sad.
500$ just gone and there’s no direct explanation of what happened

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What service was she selling? Has she written academic work for someone else?

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No, it’s research related to banking and real estate services, like the best banks for foreigners in a particular country. It’s usually by mailing banks directly for enquiries

She can contact Support at


Something has been flagged either automatically or reported. You can read about intellectual property violations in the Terms of Service. She may be able to get a specific reason from the CS team.

Okay, thanks I’ll give her this mail, is it contract directly by email?

At least there wasn’t any warning prior, I think it’s a big mistake


If it is a mistake then she might be able to solve it with CS. If it’s a genuine violation according to the terms of service it will be an outright ban.

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Alright thanks, what do you mean by ban

A ban from working on Fiverr.

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What about the balance in the account

Her earnings will still be released after a certain number of days, I believe.


Yes, directly. It’s the only way for her to contact them now, since she can’t log into her account, and creating a new account to contact Customer Support would be against the rules.

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I hope they reply, I heard Fiverr wouldn’t respond to appeals from disable Account

You wrote she changed a photo. Did she use the same photo before already, on Fiverr, or does she use it somewhere else? That might be a potential issue.

Ah, and research work, did that include academic/school assignments? That’s problematic turf.

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Gig photo, changed it to s brighter photo but it was from Google, is this even enough reason to disable without warning?

Profile photo has to be authentic (that is, the actual photo of the user), or a photo that’s their property or that they have the rights to use.

Using a photo that doesn’t belong to her/that she doesn’t have the rights to use is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Profile photo is authentic 100%, gig photo were two - one is hers, one is similar but from Google