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Fiverr phone verification Issue

Heya how you guys doing

Yesterday i received a pin code by fiverr. suddenly i got the email my account is temporary restricted by fiverr trust and safety team. after that i contact then and they told me your account not verified please change your password account will automatically restored again.funny thing is i already verified my phone number successfully.maybe you guys remember fiverr ask to verify your phone number with countdown

so i followed their instruction and trying to change my password and i realized my Security question is not match. i put my childhood best friend and i’m really positive about the answer but it says answer is incorrect i usually never lie to security question so i try to to add capital letter but no luck. so reply to them with my experience but 24 hours gone still they didn’t reply to me maybe it’s Saturday

So guys help me with this
what happen? why they need to verified my number again?
why do i get pin code before account restriction?
is possible to hackers can do stuff like that

Thank you for reading my experience. hope you guys have a answer for me
have a great day to all


Only CS can help you I’m afraid - we can’t help you work out your password etc.

Good luck! :sunny:


Thanks man Yes you’re right I’m still waiting for an answer. they didn’t reply to me maybe a today is Saturday. i just share with my experience maybe someone had same experience as i did
Thanks again my friend :smiley:

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Yeah.CS is the only persons can help for this problem

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Thanks man appreciated :smiley:

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