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Fiverr PLEASE add an 'I agree' button to gig purchases

I clearly state in my cartooning gig that I don’t do likenesses/caricatures yet I keep getting people who want just that.

My suggestion:

Allow sellers to list several important terms. The seller should then check the boxes for each term and finally click an ‘I have read the above terms’ button. This, I feel, would hopefully cut down on people purposely submitting jobs to people who can’t fulfil them.


Allow sellers to accept/reject jobs before the timer starts.

Sorry if I seem a bit ranty, but there are times that I often think of quitting Fiverr because of these buyers :frowning:

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

Not ranty at all. I completely agree with you!! I’ve been complaining, myself, at how much there should be a accept/reject option before the order begins.

Well, look at my post and you can find several people agreeing with us! :slight_smile:

By the way, your cartoons are amazing!!! :smiley: