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Fiverr please assist your Loyal Professional Sellers by showing us to the New Buyers

Professionals like myself have been on Fiverr for a number of years, however our Profiles are out of sight and this does not allow New Buyers to see us.

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Want doesn’t get.

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Being rude for absolutely no reason makes an individual looks small.

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It’s not being rude: the traffic comes to Fiverr–it’s your responsibility to make the most of the opportunity here instead of demanding that you have your profile’s visibility increased over everyone else because you’ve been on here for a number of years.

That’s just entitled. Which is a great characteristic of the small individual, come to think of it. Anyway–don’t be so sad, at least someone bothered to respond to your post!

As I have said before you are very rude and your rude comment makes you look small. If you did not understand the subject, you should ask me to clarify.

So which part of “make me more visible so I can get work easily without having to do anything myself” did I not understand?

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Sorry, an open marketplace doesn’t work like that.

We have to find ways to promote ourselves if Fiverr isn’t providing enough views.

I just looked at my stats for last month. My impressions, clicks and views are down from last month, and I am having my best month ever. My orders are up, the average price on each one is up.

Why is that? My repeat clients continue to order, because they are getting great value. Fiverr is showing me less (probably more competition in my VO category) but I’m marketing outside of Fiverr AND making sure my current clients are happy.

How long I’ve been around isn’t the deciding factor and Fiverr doesn’t owe me any business, although I’ll take all they send me. (They usually show you more if you’ve had recent activity.)

Your last delivery was 21 days ago… You may have to find some people outside of Fiverr to buy a few gigs from you. There must be someone who needs your services… A wide world of marketing open to you (Facebook, Twitter, businesses in your area… and a hundred more…)

Sometimes you have to prime the pump yourself. When Fiverr sees you’re bringing customers (even a few), they will show you more…

Not their job to promote you, and unlikely it will improve when there are new people joining in similar categories each month. WE have to do our own marketing/outreach to keep things moving at points.


I will say, there’s a thin line between rudeness and reality.

However, @emmaki feet is on the latter side I believe… :thinking:

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Thank you for your positive response, it is appreciated.

That’s funny–it’s almost exactly what I said!

One can express reality without being rude

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But here is the reality: it is contingent on YOU doing things to get customers in. Instead, we’re all on here arguing about rudeness, which isn’t going to get any of us buyers now is it?

The reality is you haven’t sold for 3 weeks. Why has it taken you three weeks to decide that demanding a better placement on Fiverr is a solution to your ills? That’s the perceived reality here–and getting down to brass tacks on what’s rude and what’s not is ultimately not helping anyone. Least of all you. Did you come here for positive cheerleading? How does that change anything except giving your feel goods the feel goods?

Thank you for a great post! It was informative. I will keep in mind the encouragement to market myself. There is so much more to this than just having talent.


Marketing one’s business is very important, however each person’s situation is different. For some persons on Fiverr this is a full-time job but not so for others, but I do agree that marketing is very important.

So why aren’t you doing it? Why are you asking Fiverr to do it for you?

So true, and in every category there are new, talented people joining every day. I’ve been in the top 5 female VO artists for the last 6 months (by “Ave Customer Review”).

That means little for next month unless I keep delivering, doing some of my own marketing, and finding ways to deliver more value to my current clients.

Last month is over. How do we get better for next month is one of the questions we all face over time, and something I think about regularly.

I do understand that for each category it is different in that someone who is doing graphics and designs might be able to get more clients than someone who is doing transcription because it might be more competitive in transcription with as you mentioned a lot of new talents coming on. For someone like myself who maintains a 99% positive rating it is still very competitive. However, I am not complaining and not looking for special favors.

You sure about that?

I do agree with your last paragraph, that as sellers we all have to think about how we can do better for Fiverr and ourselves.

You mean, ask not what your Fiverr can do for you, but what you can do for Fiverr?

Seems to contradict your opening statement. What have YOU done in the past 21 days to rectify YOUR situation other than this post?