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Fiverr please assist your Loyal Professional Sellers by showing us to the New Buyers

If you are having a mental breakdown please do not throw it at me. I have avoided your rude comments because I realize that you do not know any better other than to be rude. If you do not know how to be a positive person please do not respond to my conversation.

Now who’s being rude? Ignoring me, accusing me of having a mental breakdown… really, Jamat. I’m simply asking what you have done to rectify your situation other than asking a platform to promote you among others because you’re not getting the exposure you desire. Indeed, my original post simply states that “want doesn’t get”, and that you would need to market more.

The exact same point being made by others. As this is an open and public forum, I am as free to air my thoughts are as you are yours. If you would prefer only a specific kind of comment, I suggest opening a private post and inviting like-minded people to discuss the issue with you there.

You are not being very positive yourself, either. Let’s not forget that this is a negative post about your negative situation in Fiverr Site Suggestions. I, along with others, am showing you the reality.

  1. Emma is not being rude, she is bluntly honest.
  2. Why should Fiverr help you over let’s say @emmaki ?
  3. Why should Fiverr help you out for audio transcript gigs over hundreds of other Fiverr sellers with the same gigs
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What all this is about is emmaki in her usual way is actually encouraging you to do some things to improve your chances of success on fiverr. It is “tough talk” to get you to do some work.

Most of us cannot coast along hoping to get lots of impressions and our gigs do disappear unless we work on them and promote them somehow.

Did you see emmaki’s first Ranting Reply which has been removed? It was her first rude reply to me that was very discouraging.

It was an image. I told you “want doesn’t get”, followed by a since-deleted image that said something to the effect of “stop sitting down and start doing something”.

Anyone can see this by looking at the mod edit of my post. Are you sure that this really qualifies as a “ranting reply” from someone who may be having a “mental breakdown”?

I did see it. I am Miss Sensitive and if she said that to me I would laugh and get the point she was making, which is what I said about getting to work at promoting my gigs.

Implications of my not promoting my gig is not true. Do I need to promote my gig more, yes I do. Thanks for your response.

You implied it in your OP:

Emphasis mine. You mention nothing of promoting your gig, and as I have noted, you are in Fiverr Site Suggestions saying that you think “loyal professional sellers” should be assisted by “showing us to the new buyers”. That is asking Fiverr to promote you over others–rather than taking matters into your own hand. This was all the point of my first post that want doesn’t get.

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I really, really appreciate your post even more after checking out your gig. You’re what I eventually aspire to be in my career. I know it’s a long road and I’ll have to pay my dues. The fact that you acknowledge that you haven’t gotten comfortable with the achievements you already have shows me why you’re successful. Hard work. It works!

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Thank you so much, it has been very hard work for my career, as you can see I have a BSc Degree, a Certificate in Management Studies, I am also a Certified Professional Secretary and I am presently a Senior Administrative Professional. I am just on Fiverr part-time. A positive note to you my dear, you can do it too.

Kindest Regards

That was a post to Lisa, @jamat222.

If you are having a mental breakdown please do not throw it at me. I have avoided your rude comments because I realize that you do not know any better other than to be rude. If you do not know how to be a positive person please do not respond to my conversation.

You already said that in post 20 of this conversation and you have my reply in post 21.

You just gave everyone your qualifications in response to a post directed at Lisa, though. Are you sure it’s me who is being rude here?

PS this is bad marketing and/or promotion

@jamat222 Why should Fiverr give you preferential treatment over the other hundreds of sellers on Fiverr that have the same gigs as you?

Come on Jamzy, don’t you have a response to Miroslav? Or is he also being rude?

Thanks, I’ve learned the hard way over a few decades in business before Fiverr. I also have 5 kids, so they teach me plenty about working both hard, and smart.

We all know people who are great at doing something, but that’s not enough most of the time. Marketing matters. Reputation matters, Results matter.

I learn from the others high in my category, AND check out others who have successful gigs to see if mine can be tweaked/refined. (It can, I have upgrades in mind, but not yet implemented…)

I also stay plugged into professionals outside of Fiverr who are in my category, to see what the best are doing, looking for little techniques to always improve my quality and add value for my clients.

I see competition on Fiverr growing over time. Being good today is nice, being competitive tomorrow and beyond is up to us.

We also have to work smart around here. New people have just as much right to succeed as us, and if we don’t up our game regularly, they may earn the right to pass us. Best to them, hats off if they can/do.

I steal great ideas from so many. There is little new, it’s primarily standing on the shoulders of strong people before us…

Keep pushing and growing, and finding ways to be better at your craft AND improve your marketing too. Both are needed to remain successful over time.


I’m still about jamjar! What do you have to say now?

Please focus on this statement. It’s saying “get up off yo’ ass”.

One of the tags on your main gig says “profesional”. A minor typo, but it might put off people who look for accuracy in transcripts.

You could try tweaking your gigs, changing descriptions and tags, making them more attractive, and offer a bit more for $5 (if someone with 900+ reviews offers 10 minutes for $5, and so do you, the 900+ guy will be more appealing to the buyers).