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You should definitely do VO, your keywords could be texas vo, texas accent, southern twang, southern accent, and you might have a search monopoly.
For example, the word Texas only offers 32 results. When I search “texan,” I get "
We didn’t find any results for your search.

Same for southern vo and texas vo. Of course, if I search “southern” I do find a lot more results. However, on the top row there was a southern vo guy with 75 reviews, so there’s money to be made with niches.
Whiteboard animation is harder than people think. The free softwares are garbage, the good stuff comes with a subscription. You also have to know what you’re doing. Besides, the free software puts an ugly logo on your whiteboard video, your clients won’t be happy with that.
A talented whiteboard animator can draw me a gun that shoots a word on a blackboard. He can also incorporate the bang sound. However, if you want to do this, you can probably download a software and start experimenting. Just make sure you know what you’re doing before you start selling on Fiverr.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement, but as some people are :video_camera: shy, I believe I am microphone :microphone2: shy…

But hey do you honestly think, the Whiteboard animator sellers here on Fiverr are paying for those softwares if you see the generalized locality of them?

Here in Bangladesh, you get pirated software at dime a dozen. (The Ugly truth)

And in other parts of the world there’s always torrent.

But yeah, I will stick to my guns of the trade and continue to chug along with whatever velocity.

It’s hard to say, I’m not from Asia so I’m not familiar with pirate software. I do know the good whiteboard software, with a huge variety of music, animations, characters, etc., isn’t cheap.
I also know that buying software doesn’t mean you can use it. I took Photoshop and Illustrator classes in college, I’m useless with them. The only thing I can do in Photoshop is making a picture black and white, crop, etc. But I can’t draw, even the magnetic lasso tool is a struggle for me. I don’t know if those who do whiteboard videos ever go on illustrator or photoshop for specific things, but it seems to me whiteboard requires a lot of different skills.

P.S. How come you have a Texan accent if you live in Bangladesh? Are you an American expat or a Bangladeshi that was born in Texas?

Recently came to Bangladesh due to personal family issues.

I see what you mean. Glad you’re making money on Fiverr, I’m sure the dollar is a very strong currency over there.

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The Dollar is a somewhat strong currency, but prices of everything else is :arrow_up: up, so there’s really not much difference here, hence not much savings.

I’m so sorry jamat222. I should have said ‘Lisa’ in my post just to clarify. I didn’t intend to add to any frustration that you’re experiencing.

Thank you for responding.

Don’t forget me :slight_smile: Ready to apologize for your mental breakdown comments yet?

Be the bigger man and let it go.

I don’t see any men, ssj.

You know what I mean.

Of course I do.

But it has nothing to do with who is bigger here: there are people who genuinely suffer from mental illness and breakdowns, and I don’t think it’s right for people like Jamzo to compare me telling her the truth on two separate occasions to having such a breakdown.

So, no apology, no letup. It’s quite simple, really.

You know what, this clearly isn’t a matter I should interfere with so I’m just gonna let you have your fun. :slight_smile:

It’s good to know that we have so many positive persons like yourself on Fiverr.

Don’t you think think that it’s grossly obscene to trivialize mental illness? It’s certainly rather negative.

Keep on being positive, Jamza!

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Positive, negative, positive, negative…

Listen, I know it sucks but you are a Top Rated Seller you need to be an example for people like me which is the only reason why I’m telling you to leave this and move on. It’s not even worth the time.

So you’re OK with using mental illness as an argument. Noted. I am setting an example for the forum: it is NOT OK to discriminate–and using mental illness inappropriately to put someone else down is an example of discrimination against millions.

I find it worth my time.

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The only thing you’re doing is pretty much proving his initial claim right. Which I was trying to prevent because I agree with you but if you want to go give him the last laugh, by all means, carry on. Now can someone tell me how i can turn the notifications to this post off?