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Fiverr, PLEASE Bring back 'Number In Queue'!

If you agree with this, ‘like’ this post and comment on this thread w/ ‘Yes Please’. Number in queue increases ‘Express Delivery’ extras like no other. If a customer sees 15 in the queue on an order that would take 3-4 days, and wants it quicker, they will pay the extra to have it done in a day or two! It makes too much sense to not have it implemented in the new gig pages. If we don’t bring it to the attention of Fiverr, we will miss out on literally tons of money, and so will Fiverr.


I think they have it still. I saw mine yesterday. It’s right underneath your gigs title page where people can order, where you see your reviews, etc.

It’s here. please click the following link to find the Number In Queue’!!

Great work Fiverr! Lovely to have it back now!

I am agree with you sir

I agree!

I agree - for the reasons mentioned above. Since this has changed, I have had a hike in messages from people asking me if I want more orders! I have 30+ at any one point and am just about keeping up!

Reply to @d3services: yes u are right

Yes! I agree. :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree! The number of orders in queue is a great reason for customers to purchase the express delivery because they want their order quicker. This also makes Fiverr more money! How will a customer know if the seller is busy with orders or not??

Please Fiverr, bring it back! I would love to know their reasoning for taking it away.

I agree, this should come back! It helps provide essential information to the Buyers (how many individuals/orders are ahead of yours) and allows the Buyer to gauge if they need to buy an Extra Fast Gig for their order.

I would forward this thread to Customer Service if you can enough users to comment in favor of bringing it back. :slight_smile:

Yes! I agree to this. It should come back.

Golly! Being new, had not even noticed. Now that I know. I wonder what valid reason there is for not having NIQ functionality? From a monetary perspective there isn’t one is there?

Hi again! To everyone that has replied so far and for future supporters, please also ‘like’ this thread to give it more exposure in the forum as well…Thank you!!


Reply to @bachas85: I have noticed that as well. I deliver double digits daily on average and it says my most recent was 4 days ago! lol! I guess it’s not funny, but it makes no sense whatsoever. Trying to be patient with the process, but it represents me publicly and I have no control over the issues that are present…grrr

I agree. It was one of those features that as a seller I wasn’t very “aware” of and how it probably was helping me out a lot. It would be nice to have it back.

I agree with all that has been said on this thread. Also, I like to see the number of orders in queue when I’m looking forward to create a new gig and I want to see what’s hot and what’s selling well. :smiley: :wink:

So yeah, Fiverr please bring the number of orders in queue back and also bold letters in the gig description.

Agreed… That’s a bit crucial for buyers and sellers (trying to earn a little more on the extra fast)…But, since it’s been gone, I have seen an uptick in orders and, since the implementation of the buyer fee, I’ve seen an uptick in bulk orders…

Not sure to be happy about that or not… I’m trying to keep my head above water. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad this subject has been posted. I posted the same concern a couple of months ago when I saw them first beta testing the new format without the orders in queue number being featured. It seems like such a no brainer to have that there and I’m completely baffled that they removed it. No only for the incentive already mentioned, but it’s such a win for everyone involved for buyers to be as informed as possible as to how busy their sellers are. BRING IT BACK. PLEASE!!

Yes, PLEASE bring it back! I am a buyer but I was panicking a bit when I couldn’t find how many were in the queue. I went to several other people’s gigs before I realized it just wasn’t there. Those previous people just lost out on my buy.