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Fiverr please fix these very annoying issues! app

  1. Fiverr app does not let you “copy paste” the buyers user name in buyers requsts
  2. PC browser does not display customers name when looking at or replying to buyers requests

Currently to personalize my buyers requests I have to juggle my cell phone and PC

very annoying issues, fix it Fiverr Please


There are ways to find the buyer name, but in general it’s not useful. Personalizing your message isn’t nearly as important as making sure they know that you understood their request. Don’t worry about what to call them, just start with “Hello.” (Don’t use Sir or anything similar.) You need to send your buyer request with enough information to get the buyer interested enough to contact YOU. If they are asking you to send files or something, you can tell them that you will do so when they contact you, but send them a great pitch.

Even if the PC browser displayed the buyer username clearly, if you send that buyer an inbox message for ANY reason, they have the right to report you for spam. You could get your account blocked.

If you really want to find the buyer name, I’m sure you can find a way and there are people here who will tell you how. You shouldn’t need it, though, and the lack of it is therefore not a bug.


Also, on the PC side I think there’s only a way to find their username if the buyer has a profile image. Otherwise you can only tell the first letter of their username by what it shows in the icon.


Thanks for the advice.
Life as a new Fiverr’rrr (or what ever the plural Is for more than one ) would be lot easier if you could do everything from the app that can be done on the PC or Mac. VO’s know this as you won’t find a PC in a sweaty recording booth.


This is true, but I would think a small tablet or even a Kindle running Chrome could do most things. I’ve managed my business from a regular Kindle Fire much of the time. The only thing I don’t do with a Kindle or tablet is heavy typing because my fingers are clumsy on most bluetooth keyboards and it’s too slow with the on-screen keyboard.

For basic stuff with gig edits, OOO mode, answering messages, answering forum posts, sending BR proposals, sending personalized quotes or notifying a buyer that you got an order, you can do everything with any tablet that has access to a good browser. (Safari isn’t great with Fiverr.)