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Fiverr: Please loosen the leash for your top sellers!


I have been a seller on fiverr for 3 years… and am essentially making a living as a top seller, writing corporate bios for most every imaginable career discipline you can imagine. as my reputation has gained steam, i am at last beginning to get requests for custom gigs.

going above and beyond the typical price point requires more personal contact with buyers… and yet fiverr still refuses to allow its most trusted sellers to make personal contact with clients via email or phone. this needs to change… i get it: fiverr is afraid that jobs will be taken offline… but for those of us who have worked to build the site into such success, isn’t it time to have a little trust in the high-end sellers that are making the most money for its founders?

please please please, fiverr… with custom orders, you need to introduce a mechanism for personal contact…

thanks for listening!

your faithful servant (who loves fiverr)-



Reply to @nystrele: There isn’t any rule that Fiverr sellers can only sell products and services via Fiverr. Plenty of sellers have a Fiverr account in addition to their ‘real’ business. As @emasonwrites, pointed out, it’s easy enough to be found on other platforms - especially with some planning. As long as you keep your Fiverr gigs as Fiverr “exclusives”, there’s no reason you can’t conduct additional business elsewhere.


I don’t understand why you would need those things. Fiverr has messaging and delivery, and if need be, you can get permission to use Skype (which has calling), or use a service like Dropbox for very large files.

By all means, ask for what you’d like, but I don’t see the necessity. :slight_smile:


While I would love to actually be able to communicate with my buyers using email on my windows phone (for which there is no Fiverr app and trying to send a message using the mobile website does not work, for whatever reason), I totally understand Fiverr’s rationale behind prohibiting off-Fiverr communication.

I don’t think it’s the sellers Fiverr is worried about. I think it’s the buyers. I have never asked a buyer to contact me off of Fiverr. I have had buyers ask me to contact them off Fiverr or gotten an email out of the blue, to discover they found my LinkedIn page or something after they worked with me on Fiverr, asking if I would prefer to work directly.

It would be easy for Fiverr to trust most of the sellers who have been here for a long time and have proven their loyalty, but more difficult to trust the buyers, who probably, just by the nature of being buyers, not sellers, have less loyalty to the website. Plus, I think there’s a certain aspect of wanting to have all communication regarding Fiverr orders on the Fiverr system, so if/when they have to mediate disputes, they have first-hand knowledge of everything that was said/sent/done.


believe me, i am hardly asking to start chatting live with the majority of fiverr buyers… god forbid! i am talking specifically about CUSTOM high-end orders where there are very specific requirements… there are occasions when i am spending an entire DAY fulfilling an order… i do not want any doubt that we are on the same page, before i waste so much time and find out the buyer is ultimately not pleased… get it?



I had a bit of a kerfluffle where a customer was sending me information because I was putting together an advertisement for him and customer service deleted the message without warning because it had his website URL in it. They said to tell him to attach that in a document but some of my customers aren’t that tech savvy to begin with. Only happened to two people that I know of but it was irritating.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I think he means when he receives corporate messages through fiverr.

For example:

"Hi, we’ve just received angel funding and we’re looking to fully re-brand our website and company text."

Of course, he can’t take the client away from fiverr to conduct the business. However, if the buyer’s order is, let’s say, valued at $5,000, then it’s understandable for the buyer to want to talk to him in detail regarding the project, including all of its intricacies and just to feel “safe” in their investment.

I think fiverr should permit outside contact with such scenarios, as long as the buyer places the order before contact begins.


Reply to @mrproofreading: Well yes, I can understand having a preference of communication - I myself MUCH prefer written communication; phone calls generally take way too much time and there’s rarely an accurate record of what was discussed. :wink: But again, Fiverr allows Skype, and other similar services with their permission, and the payment system is about as flexible as can be. I’m just not seeing why a cell phone is any better than a Skype call.

And since I’ve been involved in many threads about the rights & wrongs of ‘spinning’ language lately… there’s no reason a seller can’t say that they cannot take that project as a Fiverr gig, but their other services can be found elsewhere.


As a TRS , I constantly have around 150-200 orders in queue . I am delivering around 80-100 orders and making around 20-30 revisions a day . I am being contacted by support because of buyers that are not reading the description of my gig with the main reason that ‘’ I am not responding ‘’ even though I clearly stated that revision are made in 48 hours and that the buyer should press on the ‘’ request a modification button ‘’ in order for me to see that he actually wrote on the order page. When you have more than 150 orders in queue and everybody is posting updates…and sending messages , it’s almost impossible to see all of them in a matter of minutes. I can understand that buyers ,especially new ones don’t realize this , but I was expecting much more from Support… Why am I being contacted by them for every buyer that doesn’t even bother to read my description ? Support should know better … I kinda feel harassed because of this attitude in the conditions that I made by myself,with no one’s help around 20.000$ for fiverr , Yes I had an income of almost 100k in the last year and a half .

Am I the only one who is experiencing this ? I am always being contacted with phrases like ‘’ as a top seller you should… ‘’ . As a top seller I should be left in peace so I can work . Isn’t it enough that I only get to sleep around 3-4 hours a day and get insulted for 5$ ? Really…


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: I don’t get nearly the number of orders you do which makes sense because I’m new. I still turn down orders sometimes because they don’t fit what I do or just because I’ve taken on a custom order and I decide for myself that I can’t squeeze more into my day just yet. I suspend the gig if need be. It seems to me it’s your choice to sleep 3-4 hours a day and make 100k or sleep more and make less. I’m not trying to be antagonistic, honestly, I just don’t get the mindset there. I agree that you don’t deserve to be abused for it, and neither does someone who gets 1 order a month. Unfortunately, some buyers are like that on and off of Fiverr.


What I think best is to offer a messenger like Facebook messenger where you could chat with buyers easily. It would be more good if there is a calling option in that messenger.

According to me, the sellers like us who are here since long and have done 15,000+ orders are loyal to fiverr and we have no intentions of taking business out of fiverr; rather we want to grow more on fiverr.

I hope fiverr will bring something new soon!


Reply to @fonthaunt: I am not complaining at all about the fact that I sleeep 4 hours a day. I want to work as much as possible,however I want to be allowed to without having to worry about cs contacting me about every irresponsible creature that can’t read


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: Poor Mike. It sounds like it’s getting pretty difficult to honor that “positive attitude” guarantee. :slight_smile:

best_seo said: What I think best is to offer a messenger like Facebook messenger where you could chat with buyers easily.
I thought they did roll out a "live chat" option a couple of months ago. Did they get rid of it already?


Reply to @itsyourthing: You didn’t even bother to read my name…right :slight_smile: … I understand it’s easy when you have 2 orders in 7 days… Perhaps one day you’ll receive as many as I do now, I can hardly wait for your ironic replies then.


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: I have to admit, I am enjoying my full nights of sleep instead of fetchin’ & steppin’. :wink:

I also have to admit, I’ve recently been weighing if I want to step-up my Fiverr activity or not. Considering that I scaled back my actual business because my perfectionist, workaholic tendencies were starting to cause physical harm, it’s actually a difficult decision.

Of course, more money could pay for more stress-relievers. Eh, maybe I’ll just buy a cheap lottery ticket and cross my fingers. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: Not all of us are gifted at sleeping


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks. I assumed the way folks were talking about the negatives ‘being hounded’ etc., that it was an actual live chat interface.