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What happened to the regular Fiverr Podcast’s that stopped in December 2011 ?

Come on Sam and fiverr, please get some more produced… These were really good…


I will check that out, cheers :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah I actually looked forward to these and were a great way for some sellers to get some extra exposure. They were always fun and full of energy. I’m sure if fiverr sent Sam some money to cover his time he would be up for starting them again…


Or like you have said open the podcast up to other talented presenters out there…


Although a Hangout does seem to be different to the podcasts, I don’t want to be involved just to watch them :wink:


Me and Sam actually recorded the New Year’s podcast together, but It was never published :frowning:


Reply to @twistedweb123: YouTube ?


Reply to @jeffmoses: He has all of the raw HD files, I am not even sure if it’s been edited! lol


that would indeed be an awesome conversation/ podcast to hear. :slight_smile:

twistedweb123 said: Me and Sam actually recorded the New Year's podcast together, but It was never published

I want to see this! :D/


@twistedweb123 Drop Sam a message and point him to this post :wink:


Unfortunately, I don’t think the content is relevant anymore, as it wasn’t this new year, it was the one before! lol, but that’s pretty much the date of the last published one


Reply to @twistedweb123: Feel free to start a podcast featuring my gig :wink:


I’m a veteran podcast and I’m gonna do a 20 min weekly podcast all about Fiverr. I have some great ideas and I’d love suggestions. I keep hearing how sellers should be promoting their services outside Fiverr, and I have a strength at getting going in this area. Anyhow… I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.


veteran podcaster…


This podcast they were doing was really cool and well produced. I wonder how come they stopped.


@jeffmoses here is a screenshot of part of the podcast. There is a short blooper real, but it’s on a private account, unable for access xD


@twistedweb123 - Seems a shame to have gone to the effort of recording and not releasing…


Reply to @jeffmoses: Yeah, it was a bit of a shame, as me and Sam have met previously and have a good comedy chemistry together. However, I believe Fiverr were rolling out updates at the time, so the posting of the podcast was delayed, but then never came to light.

You should start a podcast petition, maybe if enough people request to see it, even if it is outdated, it will be published :slight_smile:


I agree…

Those who would like to see the last podcast and also the return of the excellent fiverr podcasts post here :slight_smile: