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Fiverr poem of the year


:wine_glass:YOU ARE WELCOME TO …"

Fiverr is all about running away from bosses!! (Subjective though)

I came to fiverr and saw people running at a speed above the speed of light away from bosses.

(I don’t know if i am a poet, a poem, or was a poet’s transpose.
I use be a road to and away from self discovery and discovery.
I wrote hardcore poetry almost everyday,
It was my seasonal addiction.
It is the consciousness of my being.
I was a kind of snake that spewed at random a lake of Metaphoric venom.
I was always drunk with a philtre, a philtre of obscurity and independence.
I was a metaphor in love with metaphors as i wrote from the discomfort of my classroom. I am the African child!!!
(Remember Camara laye)
Through the holes in the roof, hevenly events unfold before our eyes. That was the synchrony of the universe from where
We watched the eagles wrestle.
We saw black kites weave their kites in the high altitude echelon.
We saw boys that were shadows of their father’s addiction to platitudes & bossy monks .)

I climbed up there and saw freelancers and people running away from bosses that are nasty tempered shrews.
I saw hardworkingness, the hardworkingness of friends fleeing from bossy fiends.
I saw thousands of freelancers running away from easy slavery and taking the hard part of hard freedom.
If you aren’t giving up on your quest for independence on this freelance platform. YOU ARE GREAT!!!