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Fiverr Policies are not good

Recently account of my cousin got blocked due to very small mistake,
The mistake was
1: A client came and purchased 2 gigs, Buyer didn’t understood the backlinks and gave him bad reviews,
Seller contacted fiverr to cancel the orders , Orders were cancelled.
The seller tried to explain that this is the what you have ordered, Seller offered him a premium gig for free to make him a permanent and happy buyer,
Seller also explained the things and buyer got to know the things and felt ashamed and he contacted fiverr to removed bad feedbacks,

instead of removing bad feedback they gave 1 warning to seller, (Note ; this order was cancelled by seller)
2 Seller was on the way and he delivered order empty and asked byer to give few minutes, buyer was agreed, and then seller delivered in next few hours.
Fiverr gave him another warning.

3 Fiverr then checked all the history and found a facebook page shared by buyer to contact and seller did sent some massage there as well but didn’t made and deal there.

Fiverr blocked him.

Seller had completed 1090 orders and rating was 4.9/5
Seller had earnedaround $40k.
Seller didn’t cheated anybody.
Seller contacted fiverr to cancel the order3s whenever any buyer felt bad.
Seller is doing job since 2012.

They Blocked him for very small mistakes,

Fiverr should respect the senior sellers,
How can a person be blocked for a life , when he has done good job for almost 6 years +

Ban/Block shouldn’t be permanent/lifetime, It should be for few days to few weeks.

You know an awful lot about the inner workings of your “cousin’s” experience here on Fiverr. :thinking:

Ban or block shouldn’t be for life time.

According to your explanation, Fiverr warned “your cousin” twice, and “your cousin” didn’t listen – twice. Unfortunately, “your cousin” earned his deleted account.

You can’t break the rules repeatedly, and not expect consequences.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t at all sound like one small mistake. Your “friend” made a series of fairly major mistakes.

The seller didn’t need to cancel those orders if the seller provided what they promised. It could have ended there. Reviews are generally permanent except in very rare situations, so the cancellation was useless.

Fiverr considered this activity to be manipulation and it is a major violation at this time. They routinely give warnings or even ban accounts for conversations about review removal.

The warning was to be expected since the seller should not have attempted to continue discussing the reviews with the buyer.

Whether the buyer agreed or not, this is another MAJOR violation. If more time is needed the seller should ask for an extension, not deliver empty. That’s now 2 major violations and 2 warnings - plenty of reason to ban the seller.

This is outside contact even if they didn’t make a deal. That is a third MAJOR violation. Fiverr had already been amazingly lenient but 3 is way too much. The seller was correctly banned. You or your “friend” should know the Terms of Service before trying to sell on a site like this.

Fiverr discourages cancellations, so this was already setting things up for a bad situation.

When a person violates the rules in so many different ways in such a short time, that makes everyone look bad. it makes no difference what they’ve done for 6 years. If you were a great citizen for 6 years and then you robbed a bank, the cops wouldn’t give you a few days of jail because you were a nice guy.

Of course it should. If there really is another person (a cousin?) they can start a new account and try again with permission. If you have a second account and are describing your own situation, you are already destined for more problems.


Not sure what the third one is, but the second one is definitely your cousin’s (?) fault. Delivering empty files isn’t allowed. Also, I was under the impression that the system didn’t actually penalize you if you were only slightly late?

Your cousin…i mean you have been on Fiverr since 2012. You know the rules and you broke them.

So what do you expect? A pat on the back?

Hopefully, they let you open a new account and start afresh. Good luck!

No, He is banned and he is not creating new account as he is very upset.
However account was created in 2012 may be they changed some rules.

All the warnings are done on same day.

Well! You’ve said it all yourself! You already know why your account got disabled.

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I can’t help thinking that “your cousin” is probably you. Your current Fiverr account was created this month (sometime in the last 13 days; you got your first account review 12 hours ago). And you sell the very same services that you are complaining about.

Your rant seems oddly suspicious – especially since we’ve seen many identical rants as yours many times before – and almost every single one of them claimed that they were complaining on behalf of a fictional “family member” who was actually discovered to be be the ranter in the end.

I certainly hope you aren’t “your cousin”. That would not help your case – or your rant.

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I have created new account, I did coz he gave me all the PBN to start with it.
I just have started and I will give him 50% of what I earn on fiverr…

My Question wasn’t about me or my cousin account.
It was about policies, Ban shouldn’t be for a life, ban should be for few days , few weeks may be few months.

Ummm… :neutral_face: [nervous expression]

It looks like this hhhseo account is brand new, so I am guessing this is the new account. I’ll notify Fiverr Trust and Safety so they can check on it, since this is rather strange. I don’t have any friends or relatives that would make a new Fiverr account, learn every detail of my case, and post it all on the forum with such energy. @hhhseo, good luck, you will need it.


So, when Fiverr checks out your “new” account that you created with your cousin’s permission - we can see if they ban you for a few days, weeks, months or years. You could contact them yourself and explain your case and maybe you won’t lose this account too.

I think people like you who never think positive destroy the things.
I don’t need to tell you about me.

If you have answer of question, just give it otherwise stay away plz

So you mean, no one of his relative can create new account?

I did answer your question. The answer is that Fiverr currently bans permanently when you violate so many rules. I’m also trying to HELP you, not destroy you, by suggesting that you contact Fiverr and explain your case. If you are going to be rude, I suggest you stop now.

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That depends on a lot of factors, like what you are selling, what IP you are on, what payment account you use, etc. You’d have to ask Support.

No, I am here to ask a question , not to be rude, If you felt like that I am sorry for that.
Ban shouldn’t be for a life,